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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The video is actually not a s*x video but more like a making out video. It is the first time that the public will get to see the ex-couple kiss and make out in front of the camera.

This was uploaded in you tube by a certain RockBardz on Dec 20, 2011.

Rhian seems to be so in love with Mo sa video na ito.  Kawawa naman siya nag mahal ng maling lalaki:( 

Alam siguro ni MO na crime na ngayon ang gumawa ng sex video. Dapat mag ingat po kayo sa isang kiss and tell na lalaking katulad ni Mo Twister. 

Sa mga lalaki out there. Mahabag naman kayo sa mga babae :( may nanay at kapatid din kayo na babae.

It takes two to tango pero wag kayong gagawa ng making out video o sex video. 

Sa mga bata na makakakita nito. Patnubay ng magulang ay kailangan. Huwag kayong gagaya sa mga nasa retrato. Hindi po tama ang mag video ng ganyan.

Rhian kissing Mo

 See Video here


Anonymous said...

oh my,!!! truly i was really shock wen i watch her video think that my 14 yr old daughter is an avid fan of rhian ramos but now my daughter begins to hate her anymore.nxtym, u have to be careful bcoz ur in a showbiz world,it's jst 2 only, are u a good influence or ru a bad influence...haayyy...we feel sad and so dissapointed tlaga,, nwayz be strong rhian,,

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