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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


ERAP when asked what advise could he give KC Concepcion and Piolo Pacscual?

Wag kayong mag alala darating din ang tamang lalaki sa inyo.


I know. This is a classic ERAP joke.  O di ba darating din daw ang tamang lalaki both for kc and Piolo so there is no need for them to worry:-) wink wink! lmao!

Moving on....How do you really mend a broken heart?

Sa mga tibag tibag ang puso sa panahon ng kapaskuhan here is an excerpt from MONS ROMULO-TANTOCO'S article:

Don’t let love drive your whole life. That’s why God placed our brain on the top, to use it first before our heart! — Author Unknown

Going through heartbreak is not easy but getting out of it can be if we use our heads. I should know this because I just successfully survived one!  

It’s just a matter of accepting that it is happening to you, lots of prayers and realizing that there is so much more in store for you if you let go.

Everything happens for a reason. I gave myself a time frame — time to grieve and time to move on — re-channeled my energies in doing more productive and positive activities and let events unfold as they should. It’s not that easy but it can be done and as you move on you will just look back at this chapter in your life and smile.
Mons Romulo Tantoco is the daughter of the former DFA Secretary Alberto Romulo, a columnist of Philstar, wife of Sander Tantoco, she was in the gossip columns for weeks when she filed an annullment of her marriage to Sander Tantoco. She learned that her husband had been seeing her friend, Cita Revilla- Yabut. She was broken-hearted. For Valentine, she wrote the article How To mend a Broken Heart which was a collection of thoughts of other celebrities and personalities.

How do you really mend a broken heart? I could not offer you an answer right now. I am still young:-) Young carabao:-)  on the brink of geezerhood ha ha ha! May dementia na pala ha ha ha! Besides, kinakain ko ang puso. Puso ng saging. Ginugulay namin. Hinihiwa siya ng maliliit, pinipiga ang katas at niluluto sa gata. Minsan kapag panahon ng Holy week ginagawa ko siyang anting-anting:-)


ralph said...

this is funny... i didn't know you had a sense of humor, cha... always like erap jokes... Yahweh bless.

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