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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Today a bunch of "so called KAPUSO volunteers" went to Hinaplanon Cabaro.. supposed to be they are going to distribute relief goods to those people who were affected by the catastrophe of Bagyong Sendong, and when they got there and seen that most of the people lining up or lets just say waiting for the goods to be given or distributed are mostly Muslim people, they backed out!!!
opoh! taga iligan city aq na muslim tinamaan din kami sa baranggay hinaplanon nakita namin ang sasakyan ng GMA with a truck of relief goods nang makita nila puro muslim ng back out cla.. ang baranggay hinaplanon ang isa sa pnaka grabeng tinamaan ng baha.. ang baranggay pa naman namin ay kapuso certified talga kasi malakas ang station nila samin pero ngaun?never!!!!! ganyan pala ang kapuso! o karelihiyon lang?

The Official Statement of the GMA Kapuso Foundation

The GMA Kapuso Foundation wishes to state that no racial or religious discrimination took place in Cabaro. The GMAKF relief operations team wanted to prioritize giving to areas that haven’t or hardly received assistance. It so happened that the team that conducted a feeding activity in Cabaro is the same team that was to distribute relief goods in another affected area that lies at the farthest end of the town and has not been given any assistance whatsoever. We are deeply saddened that the decision of the team leader not to give relief goods in Cabaro resulted to the GMAKF being perceived as unsympathetic to the Muslims, something that is unacceptable to us given our long history of providing serbisyong totoo even in far-flung and conflict-ridden areas just to reach our Muslim brothers and sisters in need.

We would never do anything that would ruin the respect we have earned from our Muslim brothers and sisters all these years. This is evident as early as 2003 when we built several Kapuso classrooms across war-torn Pikit, North Cotabato. Since then and twice a year thereafter, our Kapuso teams are able to reach even the remotest communities to provide school supplies before the school year opens and again during Christmastime to distribute noche buena packages for both Muslim and Christian children. In fact, we are very careful in being culturally sensitive in that we see to it that the packages we distribute in Mindanao would only contain Jalal products.

Just to mention one more incident (and there are so many), in May this year, two of our staff nearly died when the truck that would bring school supplies to Muslim children in Basilan fell off a ravine. Bruised and shaken, this nearly fatal accident didn’t stop the Kapuso staff from looking for other means to go ahead with their mission. Back in Manila, these Kapuso staff tearfully recounted how they instantly forgot their traumatic experience upon seeing the smiles on the faces of the Muslim children who thankfully received our presents that were painstakingly brought through all means possible: plane, ship, truck, banca, borne by a horse or by our very backs—all these to prove that as Kapuso, we genuinely care and have consistently shown our concern for the Muslims and their plight.

Many of these experiences of our Kapuso staff and volunteers are not and will never be seen on TV but they remain etched in the hearts of countless Muslim brothers and sisters. This incident will not deter us from our mission to help. If anything, it has only intensified and renewed in us the commitment to be there for the Muslims whom we have always prioritized in serving.

For whatever hurt this recent incident that rose from miscommunication has caused anyone, the GMA Kapuso Foundation expresses its sincerest regret.


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