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Monday, April 30, 2012

Conquering Mt. APO Agco-Kidapawan trail in Davao City

Conquering Mt. APO's Agco-Kidapawan trail in Davao City.
"Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb "
I would like to present to you my kababayan Lily Arlos. This is her story. And I feel honored that she gave me the go signal to share this story with all of you.
Meet Lily Arlos in full gear just before the two-day climb to the peak of Mt. Apo. Yes, she is so ready for the climb.
Lily Arlos is gutsy. Look at her latest conquest in Davao! Can you beat that?
 Lily with a yellow phyton.

Lily narrated this: Agco kidapawan trail kami. Bihira lang ang dumadaan sa trail na yun kasi mahirap unlike sa ibang trail ng Mt.Apo. Umakyat kami April 8, 2012 patapos na ang holy week kaya paakyat pa lang kami pababa na ang mga locals at ibang mountaineers na umakyat ng holy week.
 On the way up the mountain, they saw a group of Manobo children with make-up on their faces.
About dun sa bata manobo tribe ng Mindanao. Hindi ko alam nagtaka rin ako bakit naka make-up siya. Hindi ako familiar sa tribe nila. Natuwa lang ako sa kanya kaya kinuhanan ko sya ng picture. Actually kahit yung ibang bata naka make-up din sila.
Sobrang hirap nung climb namin kasi sa sobrang dami ng umakyat nung holy week wasak na wasak ang daan sobrang putik pa kasi laging umuulan dun rain forest kasi.
Ha ha ha, kahit sinong mountaineer hindi kayang I explain yan kung anong napapala namin sa kakaakyat. Kung anong nakukuha namin. Tanong ko rin yan sa sarili ko while trekking kapag feeling ko hindi ko na kayang ihakbang ang paa ko pero kapag nakarating kana sa summit kapag nakita mo kung anong meron sa taas wow! Iba! Hindi ko ma-explain ang feeling. Sabi nga "Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb and only through suffering can we find ourselves."
Cha: May ginagawa ka ba na preparation o exercises b4 ka umakyat?
Lily: He he. Wala. tamad akong mag exercise Hiking na ang exercise ko, Ha ha! Kaya yung 1st climb ko nung 2008 nagka trangkaso ako kala ko hindi na ko makakapag summit. Until now wala akong preparation kapag may upcoming climb.
Nag start ako 2008. 1st climb ko major Mt.Pulag Benguet via Akiki trail o mas kilala sa tawag na killer trail. Hindi ko expected na major pala yun kala ko minor lang at day hike lang 3days pala.pero buti na lang naka survived
At the summit of Mt. Apo
Top of the world.
They managed a smile kahit sobra na silang pagod sa two days na climb na halos walang tulog.

The view from the summit. Ka level mo na ang clouds!
Lily at the summit.
Mahilig si Lily mag pose sa top ng mga bato na nag-ba-balancing act.

 Sobra ang fog kasi ka level mo na ang ulap. Ha ha ha!
Lily Arlos at Mt. Apo, Davao City. Nakuha nila ng two days ang dapat ay three days na climb.
Congrats Lily!  
Despite the difficulty of the climb, nothing compares with the happiness that we feel when we conquer a mountain.- Lily Arlos


mommygiay said...

She is such a brave girl. Congratulations on her achievement! Not even all mountaineers had been to the highest Philippine summit. Kudos!

Mei said...

Tibay nya. Sana ganyan din ako. I have a friend who is a mountaineer. He keeps on encouraging me to climb pero ayoko. Alam ko sa sarili ko limitations ko. Matapang din ako pero alam ko naman health condition ko kaya di ko keri yan haha masaya sana eh, kaso di ko talaga kakayanin yan :(

Gemma|My Dailies said...

carpe diem! living her life to the fullest! galing!

(can't open ung sat link mo e, dito na lang thanks for visiting my site!:)

violy said...

wow, she's amazing! it's fascinating to know someone like her, enjoying her life to the fullest by doing things that she loves. I can see the passion in her eyes, hope to share the same passion with my adventures too.. ;)

Edmar Guquib said...

Congratulations! Brave Girl, aside from being beautiful. Never tried climbing any mountain peak at all.

Blanca said...

Gutsy girl, I truly admire her. We went to climb Mt. Tapias in Coron last week, it was about 724 steps. 100th step pa lang I was already gasping for breath, what more if Mt. Apo. Galing!:)

Renz Bulseco said...

Hanggang Lake Agco lang ako. Im from Davao but I haven't conquered Mt. Apo. Soon, soon.

Budget Biyahera said...

I applaud Lily for being the tough cookie that she is! I've always had this nudge -- to finally try climbing/hiking but is really freaked out about the idea. I don't have a fit body that will help me climb, but I'm sure.. someday I will be able to conquer the likes of Mt. Pulag! =)

AJ said...

Your friend Lily has more balls than I do. I wouldn't climb any mountain and I'd never have snakes hanging on my neck! :))

MheAnne said...

she is a pretty gutsy climber (and snake collector at that haha)! i watch that snake encounter show at the Davao Crocodile Park but no way i could put it around my neck. i just had a picture as if touching it (but real far coz i can't handle its slimy skin eeewww).love mountains too (though i have a weak heart) and need to stop a lot of times!

tess said...

katakot naman yung phyton .she is really a pretty brave girl.

Tripper10 : Tripsiders said...

Wow! Love the pic na may mga sawa kayo..:)

Tapang nyo..:)

athena said...

She is more than just a pretty face. Kudos to her for being able to conquer Mt. Apo and endure having snakes temporarily wrap her. :)

fbalgos said...

I'm just starting to do some climbing..
nothing major yet, nalula naman ako sa pg ka daring ni Lily!

titus said...

Astig sa akyatan... nice post.

markpogi said...

So pretty for a mountaineer. ^_^

I wanted to do my own climbing but I don't have the time, resources and friends of the same interest to do it with me. ^_^

Simplymarrimye said...

A very beautiful climber!
MT. APO's peak is the highest point
you've been through, I guess. You survived it and
that's enough accomplishment for a woman
whom I never thought possessed such great power
and strength. I super like the picture with the snake.

LILY said...

thank you guys for beautiful words of appreciation (^_^)

Anonymous said...

Man, is she a LOOKER or what!! :)

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