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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


With our misadventure the night before and arriving @ Polomolok @ 12:30 am. I was really exhausted not only with the walking but with what I saw in Davao ( the other side of Davao- a crippled young man because of a motor accident, the story of my companions and the double flat tire we encountered, and the uncertainty of waiting in a place I am not familiar with.)

Anyway I was made to go to church by my host Tita Malou the following morning, she woke me at 5:30 A.M. and told me to get dressed for we are going to church. Half awake, I said okay. She said they'll go ahead but Tito Boy would be coming back for me 'coz we could not fit in the motorcycle. I dressed up after I wash my face, I don't even have time to comb my hair, ha ha ha anyway I went with Tito Boy who said that I would like it there in the monastery.

The monastery was uphill, they have plenty of pine trees in the vicinity. The Poor Clare celebrate the Feast in honor of St. Clare every 11th of August. 

Poor Clare Monastery of Our Lady, Queen of Peace, Purok Vicente Fin, Brgy. Magsaysay, Polomolok, South Cotabato Tel. (083) 225-5522.
the nuns 
I will take always care of you

When I saw this words, I felt God was re-assuring me that everything will be alright. That I should not be afraid. Even if everything was so new to me.
Poor Clare
Monastery from the gate

After the mass Tita Malou, told me to just wait for Fr. Bobby 'coz we could not fit in the motorcycle, she said they'll just fetch me in the church @ Polomolok proper. 

Tito Boy wanted to fetch me after he bring Tita Malou to the house. But tita Malou told tito Boy that they still have to attend a very important meeting.

I waited outside the church because the assistants closed the doors of the church after the mass.

I was a bit scared for Fr. Bobby was not aware that I was waiting for him. 

And I don't know if there are any means of transportation going downtown so I  could go ahead.
road going down
Oh no! They left me here and to think I don't know anyone :-( and I think they only use horses to go downtown
 I saw a man in a horse going down.  I wanted to asked him if I could ride with him going down the hill, but I hesitated since I don't know them and they don't know me. So I waited and waited for Fr. Bobby to come out. 

I then went inside the monastery yard again and  saw a nun.  I ran to her side and asked her if Fr. Bobby was still inside. She told me that he was having his breakfast with the nuns.  I said okay thanks then ask her if she could tell Fr. Bobby that I would hitch for a ride downtown when he's finish. I thanked her and I begun to walk towards the gate, she stopped me and asked me if I had my breakfast already.  I hesitated, but I am hungry already so I told her the truth that I did not even had a time to combed my hair and I've not eaten my breakfast yet. She instructed me to go the the nearby visiting area and wait for Fr. Bobby there than to stand by the gate under the heat of the sun.

After a few minutes I heard a voice from one of the nuns, She told me to went to a nearby window with turntable, and instructed me to turn the wood, there appeared my breakfast, wowow! 

2 eggs, pandesal, breads, marmalade and hot water with coffee sachet. Wow the most delicious breakfast ever out of the goodness of the poor clare monastery nuns!!!

My sincerest thank you to the sisters of Poor Clare Monastery in Polomolok, South Cotabato Philippines.


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