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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

BLUEWATER DAY SPA: Introduces Four Hand Balinese Massage & Welcome Kim Chiu Plus 11 Other New Brand Ambassadors

BLUEWATER DAY SPA: Introduces Four Hand Balinese Massage & Welcome Kim Chiu Plus 11 Other New Brand Ambassadors

Kim Chiu, Chinita Princess, Brand Ambassador, Bluewater Day Spa

Bluewater Day Spa's newest ambassador for its latest service the four hand Balinese massage is the Chinita Princess Kim Chiu. She made the media people and VIP guests sway to her single " Ikaw ba si Mr. Right?"

Kim Chiu, Chinita Princess,#4HandBalineseMassage, #BWDS, #Bluewater4HandBalineseMassage, Brand Ambassador, #FourHandBalineseMassage,#BluewaterDaySpa

The "talikogenic" and sexy Kapamilya star Kim Chiu enthusiastically told everyone about the latest offering of #BluewaterDaySpa (BWDS), the very relaxing #FourHandBalineseMassage which she personally experienced and love. She said everyone should give it a try. Not only because it is the newest Balinese massage technology but also because this delightful treatment offers ultimate relaxation.

The #4HandBalineseMassage involves two massage therapists that works in unison, both at the lower and upper parts of your body. So be prepared to be swept away into a relaxing sleep when you avail of this particular service. I am so excited, I couldn't wait to try this type of massage myself!

Bluewater Day Spa never stop finding new ways to satisfy its clients and adopting new massage technology to continue its growth. In fact, they even sent their massage therapists to Bali, Indonesia where they had their training for several months until they become experts in the Four hand Bali Massage technique.

The newly wed Nikki Gil-Albert rendered a lively song number.  She also shared her happiness for being a part of the growing BWDS family. She also thanked BWDS, which she consider as her perfect haven and hideaway, a place where she loves to recharge. 

Several other brand endorsers were also announced during the event.  One of the more bankable GMA artist Aljur Jimenez offered a song number to the delight of the audience.

Notable Kapuso stars and models that made it to the endorser's list participated in a mini-fashion show. At the picture above is Mike Tan, an actor at GMA 7.  He made it to the list of the new brand ambassadors of #BWDS.

Model Brent Javier also participated in the mini fashion show during the event.

Ervic Vijandre,  the rumored ex-boyfriend of Marian Rivera for six (6) years, was among the new ambassadors of BWDS.

Miss International 2014 Bianca Guidotti sashayed down the runway with confidence. 

Award winner La Salle College of St. Benilde dancers in action.

The owners of BWDS and its endorsers which includes Sam Ajdani, Mr. World Phil 2016, Brazilian heartthrob, Fabio Ide, Model Philippe Escalambre, Actor/Model Mark McMahon, International model Amadeo Leandro #mercatormodels and Piolo Pascual's nephew, GMA actor Benjamin Alves.

"Bluewater Day Spa is open for franchise just log in at," Francis Simisim said.

Business savvy Francis Simisim has taken Blue Water Day Spa to its present level of prominence in the increasingly crowded local spa business. From a lone branch along Annapolis Street in Greenhills, San Juan City way back in 2005, he has expanded the business to seven outlets. with five (5) branches in the Metro and the other two (2) in the province of Camarines Sur in Naga City and another one in Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao. 

Ms. Mary Simisim and daughter Miss Kristine Simisim. 

Bluewater Day Spa has an ongoing promo of up to 50% off on selected treatments, so what are you waiting for? Go and visit any of the Bluewater Day Spa Branches nationwide!

Sunday, April 10, 2016



Attorney Mon, Ate Dindin and I stumbled upon Sarsa' restaurant because we were looking for a vegetarian restaurant at the second floor of MOA's South Veranda last last week because my friend Ate Dindin is in town and she is a vegetarian. The Ginataan kalabasa word in a review written by Bianca Gonzalez using a colored chalk at the glass door of Sarsá caught Ate Dindin's attention. That "gata" word is the reason why we entered Sarsa Kitchen + Bar that night.

It is a good thing that we were immediately given a table.  

Before you enter the resto you'll see a big picture of Chef Jayps Anglo, who I think is the owner of Sarsa. I don't have any idea who he is. But I think he is famous and has a lot of celebrity friends if you'll based it on the reviews that line up the restaurant's door and adorned its wall. Actually, just below his picture outside the resto you'll see already the various reviews written by different chef, celebrities and foodies in the Metro. The restaurant offers Negrense comfort food done with contemporary touches.

I love the lamps lights that line up the ceiling of the resto. It is very attractive. 

It is a full house that night.

The kitchen's glass window also has a review.

Even Ces Drilon has her own review of the resto!

Various reviews by different publications.

I don't have a budget yet but I wish to come back and try these dishes #WishfulThinking #ChefJayps


Bare Floors, brick walls nothing fancy but good food.

We ordered the kansi bulalo and adobong pusit because the waiter said it is their bestsellers besides ate Dindin had already ordered kalabasa and gising gising plus rice.

The sinful Kansi Bulalo is a combination of bulalo with sinigang taste and tender beef pieces plus a serving of bone marrow. Warning! This dish is very high in cholesterol.

Notable portraits I saw from #Sarsa's wall:

I think this is Imelda Marcos during her Miss Manila days and Miss Universe Gloria Diaz. And the portrait below is Gretchen Barretto who were depicted crying as to why, I do not know.

SARSA KITCHEN + BAR, Gretchen Barreto,

Sarsa Menu

Photography by Cha Sy

Manny Pacquiao Goes Out With A Bang

Manny Pacquiao Goes Out With A Bang
Producing one of his best performances in recent years, Champion Boxer Manny Pacquiao wins by unanimous decision against Timothy Bradley at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

This is the third and hopefully final fight of Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley.

The final score card shows Manny Pacquiao taking the fight 116-110 on all three cards.

Manny Pacquiao most notable round is round Round 9. Think about Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, then Manny hit Timothy Bradley with a south paw, Bradley came tumbling down. Lol! Okay, that's what came to my mind when I saw that scene!

Pacquiao hurt Bradley with a massive counter left hook and then knocked him down with a follow-up attack. Bradley went down so hard he flipped over backward on his head
. ( "Nag brengko si Bradley" ani G) The American Boxer Timothy Bradley beat the count on wobbly legs but Manny Pacquiao let him off the hook. 88-81, Pacquiao wins, and I think that is all that matters with him. Yes, Manny had vindicated himself.

"As of now I am retired," Pacquiao said.

"I am going to go home and think about it but I want to be with my family. I want to serve the people," Pacquiao reiterated.

Congratulations to the People's Champ Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao!

#PacBradley #boxing #Pacman #PacmanBradley

1st European Motor Show in the Philippines

1st European Motor Show in the Philippines

2016 marks the first ever Euro Motor show in the Philippines. 

I am not really a car enthusiast but I am fascinated with European cars. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, Fiat, Buggati, Rolls-Royce, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Volvo are only a few of the more famous ones I know. You could not deny the fact that European made cars are synonymous to good quality cars.  

The Euro cars of your dream will no longer stay as a dream because they're now available in the Philippines. Last March 11, 2016,  I had a rare opportunity to witness and feel how it is to ride some of them. And it did not disappoint!

Various kinds of European cars were on that car show!  

I know all of you car enthusiast out there will definitely recognized a good car when you see one.

My jaw dropped when I saw a gray Maserati car! I asked the lady in charge if I can try the Maserati and she said yes! I was so happy! For the first time in my life, I got to sit inside a #Maserati car and feel how it is to ride in a 30 million pesos car! ( I know, I can never own one, lol! ) At least one of my wildest dream came true!

This high-end luxury car has a spacious interior, genuine leather interior. This car is a four door sedan that has a very sporty look owing to the fact that it has very contemporary curves on the body’s exterior edges. From the front to the rear, you can't help but notice the well crafted tail lights and the beautifully pronounced rectangular shaped quad-tail pipes. These cars are made in Europe and offer fantastic value for your money. I bet that every year, Maserati land tons of awards for their overall quality. It has an utmost concern with the safety, design, and ingenuity. Some of us don’t give a hoot about fuel efficiency, and just want some uncompromising power. 

We did not only got to see the cars and motorcycle from Europe but we got the rare opportunity to ride some of 'em! 

#FirstEuroMotors2016 #EuroMotorsPH #EuroMotors #BGC #2016EuroMotors #Maserati

Thursday, March 31, 2016



#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate

I was so happy when I got an invitation to join Ms. Dina Stalder for her birthday and the launching of Diana Stalder's newest organic product line for summer! 

#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate

This newest endeavor was brought about by Ms. Dina Stalder's newest advocacy of living green! 

#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate

Introducing the new eco-friendly products of Diana Stalder just in time for summer #‎FruitySKINsationsKit‬:
  • Pomegranate Moisturizing Lotion
  • Shower Gel 
  • Body Scrub 
#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate

Diana Stalder's newest beautifying Summer ‎FruitySKINsations product line uses organic ingredients that is chemical free, so that means your beauty regimen will have less chemical interaction plus by doing so, you'll be helping our less fortunate small farmers in the countryside where the organic fruits were sourced from. 
#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate

It was a fun filled event! Because the Green is in! Ms. Dina invited the Greenman to hold a talk especially for us bloggers.  Yes, dear it is now the time for a green evolution to help rehabilitate Mother Earth.

#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate

Diana Stalder pampers like no other. Its product line continuously evolved through the years that I was not surprised anymore when they got the Green Man's services to teach its staff ways to save money on its day to day operation and to upcycle, yes, not just recycle. Many materials that we often discard and dispose of can be upcycle or recycle. Find ways to add value and use for the available material on hand. GreenMan showed us a pencil case made from a milk carton. He just sew on a zipper and voila, a pencil case is now available for your disposal!

#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate

The Green Man, Mr. Matthias Gelber is a German national who migrated to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to do his passion in life! That is to educate people about climate change and made as many people as possible to realize that we all need to do something in order to save mother earth. He encourages everyone to upcycle not only recycle. 

#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate

Little as it may seem, all of these little contribution are little steps that will have an impact in the long run. 

Just look at this MK ( opps not Michael Korrs but Made of Keyboard bag that DS staff made for her! It is beautiful!

#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate

We should be aware that each one of us are contributor to this so called climate change. The heat temperature nowadays is much stronger now with global warming slowly cooking us alive. 

#ClimateChange #Travelonshoestring #Green #GreenEarth

It is sad to note that there are many cases of heat stroke nowadays that sometimes resulted to death. If you love your children and your children's children, please pave the way to a better earth by doing your share.

#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate

TheGreenMan's message is clear. We, earthlings must learn to love our planet as much as we love our family because we only have one planet to live in. There is no planet B So we need to start now, right here, right now to save our planet. ( Unless, you have an Extra Terrestrial (ET) friend who would adopt you to his planet, ha ha ha!) 

#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate

I was the first recipient of the GreenMan's book (made from 100% recycled paper and vegetable ink ) during the activity when I answered 1000 watts as the equivalent consumption of 1 hp in wattage. Thank you Greenman and Ms. Dina for this book!

#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate, #ResponsibleConsumption

We also met the newest brand ambassadors of Diana Stalder (DS) - Hashtags Ronnie Alonte and StarMagics's PBB Teen Housemate Ylona Garcia ( not in picture because I was busy eating when she arrived. Lol! )

#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate, #ResponsibleConsumption

All in all,  everyone enjoyed the organic food and drinks they served at D.S.Cafe plus the wonderful knowledge about upcycling and mother Earth that the GreenMan has shared with us.

The GreenMan urges everyone to consider organic products and upcycling to help ease the problem of mother nature. Just like my ate Dindin, the GreenMan also hope that the Philippines will eventually have more concrete laws on going green and organic to help the small time farmers and SME's in the Philippines. 

#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate, #ResponsibleConsumption

The GreenMan said that every second that we waste electricity like leaving the lights on when nobody is using it, leaving our cellphone batteries that they overcharge, by not unplugging electrical appliances like television, laptops, refrigerators, air-con, etc. Please be aware that we do not just make our bills soar to its limit but we consume more energy that the climate in this world suffers. #ResponsibleConsumption

#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate #Timer

You could help by simply using timers, using appliances with inverter technology, using organic garments, upcycling your used tarpaulin and keyboard into bags and the like.

The small efforts to reuse and recycle will eventually stop the production of more non-biodegradable materials which destroys mother nature. 

One classic example is the story that the GreenMan shared that because of the high demand from groups that promotes green living, the cost of organic clothing had gone down in Malaysia. And he is positive that is possible also here in our country.

#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate, #ResponsibleConsumption

There is a big difference in the summer temperature we had growing up from the summer heat we are experiencing now. The change in our weather temperature, stronger typhoons, drought, the hole in our ozone layer that keeps on getting bigger, all of these are the end result of each one of us throwing trash from baby diapers, sanitary napkins, candy wrappers, plastics, trees are being cut down everyday to provide us with pencils & papers, destroying limestone to provide us with cement, mining all earth treasures, exhausting mother earth. All in the name of industrialization. Please remember this is the only planet we have, there is no planet B. Let yourself be the biggest change! Be a healer. Start upcycling ‪#‎Recycle‬ ‪#‎SaveMotherEarth‬ ‪#‎ClimateChange ‬‪#‎GreenFootprintsMovement‬ ‪#‎GreenMan‬

#ClimateChange #GreenMan #BeAHealer, #DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #hashtagsronnie, #lotion, #matthiasgelber, #OrganicLotion, #ronniealonte, #StarMagic, #summer, #sunscreen, #thegreenman, #Pomegranate, #ResponsibleConsumption

I am not perfect but I can try. How about you? Are you up to the challenge? Please share the valuable lessons that the greenman shared with us so we can help save the only planet that we have. Not only for out children but also for our children's children.

D.S.Cafe is located at B2 Gateway Mall Cubao Quezon City. For more information, visit and and follow @dianastalder on Twitter and Instagram for more updates. 

#DianaStalder, #DSCafe, #ecofriendly, #summer, #sunscreen, #PomegranateLotion, #matthiasgelber,  #hashtagsronnie, #ronniealonte, #thegreenman, #OrganicLotion



"Kagaya mo, balewala din sa akin yan sinasabi nilang climate change", ani Linda. Ano naman ang importance ng climate change na pinagsasabi nila sa akin?

Thousands, if not millions or even billions of people in this planet is unfortunately not aware of the problems that these climate change could bring us.

The past few years, we've been experiencing nasty weather events due primarily to the carbon footprints and various emissions and pollutants! We could not deny the fact that the increased in our temperatures is due to global warming!

While we'd like to think of climate change as a long-term global risk we can emotionally detach from, one should know of the general effects of the climate change in our one and only planet. 



The newly renovated Kia Theatre was formerly known as the New Frontier Theater. It is a multi-purpose events hall located at Araneta Center in Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, the Philippines. It is just a few steps from Isetann Cubao.

I first heard about Kia Theater when I was invited for the Myx Awards night and then the second time was when we had a blogcon with Kim Chiu.

KIA Theater has around 3,500 seating capacity! Whew! It makes me wonder how can Kim Chiu will manage to jam-packed  the said venue for her concert entitled "Chinita Princess The FUNtasy Concert" on April 9, 2016. 

Yes! Friends to mark her 10th year in the showbiz industry Kim Chiu would be having a concert! “I may not be the best singer, I may not be the best dancer, but I promise to be the best that I can be. Sana po samahan niyo ako sa isang espesyal na gabi ng buhay ko as I celebrate my 10 years in the industry. Isang gabing puno ng SAYA at PASASALAMAT.”

I wish you the best Kim! You're a good soul that's why your fans loves you!



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