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RUPTURED BRAIN ANEURYSM: Living with a Broken Brain

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

YOSHINOYA: Our Lunch With Miss Earth Candidates

YOSHINOYA: Our Lunch With Miss Earth Candidates

Sunday, November 24, 2013



"Umalis ka dyan sa pila, hindi kita bibigyan, iba ang payong mo, hindi yan kay Mayor"

Sa panahon ng sakuna at sa pagbangon kailangan pa ba na pare pareho tayo ng balahibo?

Hindi ko maintindihan bakit hinahaluan ng politika ang pagresponde sa mga nasalanta. 

Hindi kasalanan ng National Government ang mga pangyayaring ito dahil gusto lamang nila na magkaroon ng sistema ang distribution ng mga relief goods. Ang mga mapagsamantalang namumulitikang local government at Baranggay Captain, Brgy. Kagawad ang dapat ipatawag at papanagutin sa kanilang mga ginawang kabalbalan.

MANNY PACQUIAO: Wins WBO International Welterweight Title

MANNY PACQUIAO: Wins WBO International Welterweight Title
Manny Pacquiao proves once again that he is a true blue champion!
Manny Pacquiao weighs at 150 pounds, while his opponent in the ring, Brandon Rios weighs at 159 pounds. Rios is also taller and has longer reach than Manny Pacquiao.
Their fight was labelled as “Clash in Cotai” that was held today, Sunday, November 24, 2013, in Cotai Arena in Macao.
David Beckham Cotai Arena Macao
David Beckham visited Manny Pacquiao in his dressing room before the start of the fight.
Macao Cotai Arena Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios WBO International Welterweight Title
Apl de Ap of Black Eyed Peas, Paris Hilton, Miguel Cotto were also present. So as my good friend Lane, Andrea and Dr. Jansen who watched the fight live in Cotai, Arena, Macao.
Jessica Sanchez sang the National Anthem United States US Philippines PH
Jessica Sanchez, two in one performance. She gets to sing the national anthem for both the United Stated and the Philippines.
Brandon Ruis at Cotai Arena Macao
Handsome Rios before the fight.
Manny Pacquiao Hunger for the belt WBO International Welterweight Title
Manny Pacquiao is fierce. Hungry for the World Title Belt!
They are about to start round 1....
Manny is ready to fight.
Round 1 Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is wearing his advertisement filled blue shorts and Brandon Rios is wearing a cement bag look a like white shorts. Manny approaches Rios with a jab. It seems they were trying to gauge one another. Rios did not try to land a punch on Manny. The first punch to really connect is a left jab to the head by Pacman. The crowd cheered for Manny. Manny Pacquiao's speed seems to bother Brandon Rios. Then Rios went down on his backside. The referee rules it as a slip and Rios gets some good shots in when the pair grapple. And just before the final bell Pacquiao lands a strong left to Rios' head.
Round 2 Brandon Rios finally had the balls to go forward towards Manny Pacquiao at the opening of the second round, landing some seemingly strong body shots. Pacquiao was forced to dance a little more than usual. After 90 seconds of Rios looking the aggressor, Pacquiao finally counters with a flurry of combinations. In the final ten seconds Pacquiao again lands a series of headshots.
Round 3 It seems as if Pacquiao is at his best with strong shots and athleticism in the ring. Rios made a brief rally early in the round when he trapped Pacquiao in a corner. But Pacquiao responded with some strong counterpunching in the middle of the ring to likely win the round. But it was Rios’ best round.
Round 4 Pacquiao seems to be in complete control of the fight. His left jabs seem to have confounded Rios. While neither fighter seems to be in distress, Pacquiao is running a clinic on how to win a fight. It’s now a question of how long Rios wants to put up with this
Round 5 Pacquiao opened the round with a strong left to the head of Rios and then followed with a good left-right combination later in the round. Observers are starting to wonder how longer Rios can last in this fight. Any doubt that Pacquiao’s loss to Marquez was going to define the end of his career were sadly mistaken. It’s now his fight to finish

Round 6 Manny Pacquiao started the round with a strong left-right combination but he seems to have settled down a bit. But as the round progressed Pacquiao got stronger with combinations and even drew a little blood around Rios’ right eye. The question now seems as if Rios can win a single round or be shutout.

Round 7 Anyone who doubted Manny Pacquiao needs to reconsider the future of the 34-year-old boxer. He looks young and fresh, and his left jabs seems sharp as ever. This round crosses over that Rios would need a knockout to win the fight. Pacquiao holds a 172-88 advantage in punches landed. The crowd was chanting Manny's name.

Round 8 They're not fighting in some instance. Their arms are locked. Manny is not as active in this round. If there was a round that Rios could win, this was it. Pacquiao looked a little unsettled and Rios even landed a left shot that connected with his face. But a late flurry by Pacquaio brought the round back to him as Rios looked distressed around the eyes and nose.
Round 9 More of the same as it becomes apparent that Pacquiao’s only remaining goal is to pitch a shutout. Rios showed a late flurry but it was answered by strong, sharp connections by Pacquiao. Rios isn’t hurt but he is surely beaten. Both eyes are swollen. Rios could not catch Manny. Manny is too fast for Brandon Rios. Rios is still standing up but the round once again belongs to Manny Pacquiao.
Round 10 Pacquiao continued to dominate his overmatched opponent, scoring easily with punches that seem to sting but not hurt. Rios is hoping just to make the 12-round finish with no chance of winning the fight. Only a miracle can give Rios the win. Rios was given another warning by the referee. Rios got in. But it is nothing seious. Manny Pacquiao is very careful.
Round 11 An early flurry by Pacquiao got the crowd excited but Rios seemed determined to finish the fight. Pacquiao’s left continues to connect with modest damage against a fighter that only has a puncher’s chance to win. The pace of the fight seems to have slowed but Pacquiao’s dominance has not. Brandon was left with a cut on his cheeks and left eye. Brandon Rios even lift Manny Pacquiao to stop him from beating him. Manny is aggressive in this round. Manny is doing a lot of foot work. Brandon Rios has taken a beating from Manny Pacquiao.
Round 12 The final round started with Rios realizing he had only one chance and that was knockout, but it was clear that the Manny Pacquiao that captivated the world was still around. He jabbed and hit at will. The fact that he didn’t drop Rios will not be remembered as a fight that Pacquiao did not close but more that he is as dominant as he ever was. Both men are still standing at the end of round 12. Brandon Rios got a boxing lesson from Manny Pacquiao. He looks like a beaten boxer at the end of round 12.

Manny Pacquaio wins by unanimous decision! He is back! #MannyPacquiao #DominantVictory #BackOnTrack.

The judges are Michael Pernick (Florida), Lisa Giampa (Las Vegas) and Manfred Kuchler (Germany).

Official Scorecards: 120-108, 119-109, 118-110

Congrats Manny!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

DEAF AWARENESS WEEK: Time For Us to Listen

DEAF AWARENESS WEEK: Time For Us to Listen

Hear ye! Hear ye!

November 10 to 16 of every year is declared as Deaf Awareness Week (DAW) thru Proclamation No. 829 last November 8, 1991 by the late President Corazon Aquino to focus awareness on deafness, its prevention and rehabilitation. This year's theme is “Ano Daw Nga?" 
Deaf Awareness Week Logo November 2013

Speaking of deaf awareness, there is this one interesting story that you need to "hear."

My mother side of the family is from Libmanan, Camarines Sur in Bicol region.  Our little town is known as the town of the "bungog" (deaf). According to legend, an affluent family with five children who have hearing disorder were the first ones who were able to study in the city. They are said to be saying "ha?" whenever people talk to them. Thus, the first impression they made were etched in history up until today. Everybody in Libmanan got labeled as "bungog." 
Libmane├▒os have a habit of re-confirming words. No wonder, the label was transferred from generation to generation. But not everyone in Libmanan are hearing impaired. 
But what really is Hearing Impairment? Is it Birth-acquired ? Or is it acquired during old age? As an adult are you still at risk of losing your hearing? One or two of these questions come rushing on your mind, right?
In the Philippines, twenty-eight percent (28%) of the population is suffering from hearing loss. That is almost a third of the population! I bet that like me you were also shocked by the large percentage of Filipinos suffering from hearing impairment. This chunk of our population is just part of the 287 million individuals, reported by the World Health Organization, who have hearing problems.
"We want to pick up hearing loss at an early stage so that we can rehabilitate as early as possible," according to Dr. Gretchen Navarro Locsin, a pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat specialist at St. Luke's Medical Center, as she spoke at the launch of Deaf Awareness Week, which is sponsored by the Metro Manila Federation of Agencies for the Deaf in cooperation with Glaxo Smith Kline and other institutions.

By age one, six out of ten infants would have had more than one episode of an ear infection. By age three, 4 out of 5 children would have experienced at least one ear infection. By age seven, at least one of three children would have had at least six ear defects. These children would add to the number of people suffering from hearing disabilities. 
 Acquired Hearing loss can be attributed to many causes: 
  • Increase in age
  • sickness like rubella
  • meningitis
  • measles
  • mumps
  • prolonged bouts of high fever
  • ear infection
  • hole in the eardrum
  • buildup of wax in the ear canal
  • foreign object stuck in the ear canal
  • skull fracture
  • trauma from explosions
  • gunfire, and the like
  • use of certain medicines
  • and working around loud noises daily ( such as in construction site)
In order to avoid the loss of hearing, one should be observant of cleanliness and protection against colds, wearing hearing protection such as silicone plugs; avoiding noisy places and activities, and avoid medications that can damage hearing.
Although it is an alarming phenomenon hearing loss is potentially preventable. Deafness or hearing impairment can be present at birth or develop later in life. Some of the common causes of hearing loss are accumulated earwax, intake of certain medications,excessive noise exposure, old age and ear infection or in some rare occurrence Otitis Media.
Acute Otitis Media (Latin) is inflammation of the middle ear, or a middle ear infection. It occurs in the area between the tympanic membrane and the inner ear, including a duct known as the eustachian tube. It is one of the two categories of ear inflammation that can underlie what is commonly called an earache, the other being otitis externa. Diseases other than ear infections can also cause ear pain, including cancers of any structure that shares nerve supply with the ear and shingles which can lead to herpes zoster oticus. Though painful, Otitis media is not threatening and usually heals on its own within 2–6 weeks.
Immediate and appropriate management of ear problems or diseases is also important to prevent hearing loss.

"The mother would tell us there is no problem, but that does not mean the patient is alright, that just means that maybe the mom does not see anything. That does not mean that the wound would heal itself. The child or the adult would still go into complication," says Locsin.

What she advises is to have a check-up.

Another way to prevent hearing loss is by avoiding loud noises.

"How would you know if the volume on your MP3 or IPod is too loud?" asked Locsin.

"If the person beside you could already hear it, that is too loud," she says. "You are the only one who is supposed to hear the music especially if you are using insert earphones. If you are exposed to long and abnormally loud sounds, in a long period of time, it causes hearing loss."

For some, silence might be golden, but for others it is a burden as they live in a world without sound.

Today with the help of technology and medical research, protection against Acute Otitis Media (AOM) can be achieved through vaccination. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has developed a vaccine against Acute Otitis Media (AOM.) 
"A large number of deafness is preventable. Glaxo Smith Kline is interested in educating people to avail vaccinations. Vaccination is a good way to prevent the disease, including those diseases which can cause deafness," says Sim.

"Among those vaccines offered by GSK is the pneumococcal vaccine (for pneumonia) which can help prevent infections that could lead to hearing loss. We also have the Rubella vaccine (German Measles). Rubella can cause deafness in the unborn babies if pregnant women are sick with it. We also manufacture flu vaccines. Influenza, unknown to some, could also cause ear infections," shares Derrick Sim, vice president of Glaxo Smith Kline for Commercial Vaccines. 

"Some vaccines only require one shot, while others require two or three shots. The vaccines stimulate the body to produce antibodies to fight the infection so that the body can protect itself."

As part of GSK's advocacy on deafness, GSK gave out 300 pneumococcal vaccines to Better Hearing Philippines to help in its commitment to protect Filipino children and prevent potential hearing loss.

During Deaf Awareness Week, activities such as seminars, dance competitions and ear check-up are offered at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center and the University of Santo Tomas.

For more information on Deaf Awareness Week, please contact Better Hearing Philippines at (02) 406-1611. 
Studies reveal that generally one to three individuals in every 1,000 births suffer from some form of hearing impairment. I can't imagine the sad truth about hearing impairment such as the following:
  • I learned that 90 percent of deaf children are born into families where both parents have hearing impairment
  • Men are more likely to experience hearing loss than women
  • There is a strong relationship between age and hearing loss.
In celebrating Deaf Awareness Week this year, let us pay tribute to countless individuals who, despite their hearing and other impairments, endeavor to have access to education to improve their lot. Let us support every effort to bring them into the mainstream, where they too have a rightful place, and help them to gain access to opportunities to become productive members of their community and country. Private special schools with programs for the deaf, and Special Education (SpEd) Centers are also urged to undertake activities in support of the celebration.

Kindly share this post, it might help others. Thanks.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Jobsdb and Unlad Kabuhayan, to help 80,000 Filipinos Find Good Career Opportunities

Jobsdb and Unlad Kabuhayan, to help 80,000 Filipinos Find Good Career Opportunities 
Good news to all job hunters! I got invited to the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Jobsdb and Unlad Kabuhayan yesterday, November 21, 2013, held at Discovery Suites in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.  

Jobsdb and Unlad Kabuhayan will organize a job fair dubbed "Unlad Kabuhayan" scheduled on January 24 to 26, 2014 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Grounds, Pasay City.

The Unlad Kabuhayan Job Fair will feature more than 200 exhibitors representing companies belonging to different sectors, and the event is expected to be attended by more than 80,000 participants. The program will also include a career convention that will feature notable speakers and career-guide experts who will be announced later on.

Please mark your calendar(s) and be sure to attend the Unlad Kabuhayan Job Fair.

NOTE: The above logos belong to and, respectively.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

VIDEO: My second attempt at Video Blogging

VIDEO: My second attempt at Video Blogging.  

You may watch the video I made below to learn more about a certain product. Please note that this is not a paid post. I only made this for a contest. Sad to say, many people don't recognize video blogging yet in the Philippines. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

HARNN: The Essence of Asian Heritage

HARNN: The Essence of Asian Heritage
Harnn launched products Philippines Thailand Perfume soap
Harnn products were officially launched in the Philippines last November 14, 2013. Harnn is a contemporary luxury Asian inspired lifestyle brand that uses natural active ingredients to restore the natural balance of the body, mind and environment. It tantalizes your five senses with unique Asian holistic approach to total wellness.

HARNN patented natural Rice Bran Oil soap formulation is rich in three natural Vitamin-E: Tocopherol, Tocotrienols and Oryzanol, which are strong natural antioxidants, moisturizers and help protect the skin from the harsh environment. Each soap contains unique botanicals with various dermatological properties and aroma to enrich your bathing experience as well as your senses.
Harnn Mangosteen soap
I got so giddy when I saw my favorite fruit Mangosteen as one of the key ingredients of Harnn's soap. Boy, was I impressed! Harnn's Mangoesteen & Bergamot Soap has a mild natural antiseptic from Mangosteen extract complimented with Lemongrass and Bergamot, Orange, Cedar wood and Lavender essential oil for freshness. Its key ingredients are the following:
  • rice bran oil
  • Palm oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Bergamot Fruit Oil
  • Orange Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Cedarwood Bark Oil
  • Glycerin (palm derived)
  • Mangosteen Peel Powder
  • Tocopheryl Acetate. 
I really like the various aroma of the Harnn's soap and I could truly say that it is a feast for the senses. How I wish I had come earlier. I could have won a massage using Harnn products that was raffled off that night. Or better yet, a trip to my favorite city- Bangkok so I could visit Harnn's spa!
Oriental Rose Hand Balm Coenzyme Q10 Harnn
Oriental Rose Hand Balm With Coenzyme Q10. It has Organic Rose Water, Shea Butter, and Coenzyme Q10 in rich balm formulation keep hand hydrated and softened while strengthening your nails. Cool! I need this! My nails are like that of a baby! I could use this product to strengthen my nails!

Key Ingredients

•Nanosphere Coenzyme Q10 - It is a conditioning agent developed with Nanotechnology in form of Liposome filled with Coenzyme Q10. Its particle is small enough to penetrate into horny layer of epidermis skin layer. This helps moisturize your skin and hair, resulting in healthy and supple skin and hair.

•Nanosal Seaweed and Vitamin E - Developed with Nanotechnology, its structure combines Polysaccharide from 2 genus of algae extract; Rhodymenia Palmate and UlvaLactuca. It acts as a natural moisturizer, anti-inflammatory agent while the particle of Vitamin E will be released when applying on skin and helps protect skin from free radicals.

•Organic Rose Water - The extract of rose from Kerman, Iran derived from rose essential oil extraction is known for its pure and miracle benefits for hair and skin. Its organic being ensures the quality of astringent, toning, moisturizing as well as the sweet scent that helps calm frustrated mind. It is ideal for skin nourishing over years.

•ButyrospermumParkii (Shea) Butter - is known especially for its properties as moisturizer and emollient. It is also known anti-inflammatory agent. Shea butter is effective at treating the following conditions: skin discoloration from scars, eczema, burns, rashes, acne, severely dry skin, blemishes, dark spots, skin discolorations, chapped lips, stretchmarks, wrinkles, and in lessening the irritation of psoriasis. It also provides natural ultraviolet sun protection.

Harnn Cymbopogon Body Wash with white tea
Cymbopogon Body Wash

Extra mild body wash (SLES free formulation) helps to firm, soothe, calm irritated skin along with provide strong natural anti-oxidant.

Key Ingredients

•OpuntiaStreptacantha (Cactus) Stem extract –Aquacacteenis an ultra-refined elixir from prickly pear of Cactus which is rich in flavones, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and piscidic acid-an iron chelator. It is known for effective soothing, hydrating and firming properties.

•Camellia Sinensis (White tea) Leaf powder – The extract from White Tea Leaf contains high concentration of polyphenols which give antioxidant property 3 times stronger than Green Tea. It helps promote healthier and brighter skin.

•PinusPinaster (Pine) Bark extract - The maritime pine tree grows for 30 – 50 years in unspoiled environment. It helps improve blood flow to skin, lighten and smoothen skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production from younger looking skin.

Mr. Paul Harn (Vuthichai Harnpanit) is the Director of Harn Products Co.,Ltd and Harnn Concepts Co.,Ltd. (HARNN, Vuudh, Tichaa and JARITT brand)
Architect Paul Harn founder of Harnn with Philippine franchisee Bert Ng.
HARNN Philippines is located at the ground floor of Glorietta 5 Ayala Mall in Makati City. 

For sure all of my friends particularly Joyce, Tita Au, Lane and Brenda would love to try Harnn products soon.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

PHILIP K. ABADICIO: Philip the Lifestyle Guy

PHILIP K. ABADICIO: Philip the Lifestyle Guy
Philip Abadicio the Lifestyle Guy
Renowned PR practitioner and RPA & Communicate top honcho, Philip K. Abadicio, is the new lifestyle TV show host of Philip the Lifestyle Guy which is shown every Sunday starting 11 a.m. at Channel 5.

According to Philip, his new show is made not only with the nanay (mother) and tatay (father) in mind but also their kids. So, let Philip takes you to the world of real people. Experience various lifestyle genres at the confines of your very own living room.

Its target market are those between 25 to 45-year-old men and women living in the Philippines.

Philip Abadicio the Lifestyle Guy with Cha Sy
Your Sundays will never be the same again with Philip the Lifestyle Guy.  

In its pilot episode three Sundays ago (last October 27, 2013 to be exact), the show featured not only British Tea and French breads but also a hole in the wall carenderia (eatery) in Project 4, Quezon City called Rose Garden Palabok. It sells affordable palabok for only Php30.00 for dine in and Php35.00 for take out. Masarap na, mura pa! (It's delicious and inexpensive!) You need to taste it to believe!
Expect not only Philip the Lifestyle Guy's features on hole in the wall restaurants but also the latest lifestyle stories on fashion finds, food and so much more.

Philip – Lifestyle Guy promises a visually appealing, culturally enriching, and gastronomically appetizing episodes such as Philip’s Finds,

Be enthralled as Philip showcase the hippest trends, newest dining options, chill spots, fitness forays, and other fab finds in the metro. It is more interactive as the host gives the viewers a chance to sample the featured items by simply tweeting, sharing their comments on social media or texting.

Philip – Lifestyle Guy is directed by Dave Hukom and written by Yasmin Coles.

For details, check out its Facebook page Philip Lifestyle Guy and follow@LifestylePhilip on Twitter.



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