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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cebu Pacific launches its partnership with VISA

Cebu Pacific launches its partnership with VISA with the Juan Hundred Ways to Travel Promo yesterday, October 2, 2012.
Cebu Pacific, the country’s largest national flag carrier has inked a 5-year partnership with VISA. The partnership would bring exclusive and exciting perks for Visa cardholders who frequently fly via Cebu Pacific.
Candice Iyog, CEB VP for Marketing and Distribution, said "With Cebu Pacific’s new partnership with Visa, our guests can have more things to look forward to whenever they use their Visa card to book their Cebu Pacific flights. They’ll get to enjoy exclusive perks and even more irresistible travel deals".
“Filipinos love to travel whether domestically to see extended family or for pleasure to see the world. That’s why we’re working with Cebu Pacific on this groundbreaking five-year alliance to make it easier for Filipinos to realize their passion for travel.The journey now starts with Cebu Pacific and Visa,” said Iain Jamieson, Visa Country Manager, Philippines and Guam.
“Whether consumers choose to pay with their Visa credit, debit or prepaid card for their flights and holidays, we will be offering cardholders exclusive promotions, discounts and privileges whilst all the time benefiting from the convenience and security that comes from paying with Visa – and ultimately we hope to help Filipinos see more of the world with Cebu Pacific, for a lifetime of memories,” added Jamieson.

 Candice Iyog and Iain Jamieson pose for the ceremonial swipe during the launch.
Kelly Mesa
To kick off this partnership, Cebu Pacific and Visa will give one Visa cardholder a chance to win 100 flights for free to Cebu Pacific’s international and domestic destinations through the Juan Hundred and 1: VISAng Daang Lipad promo.

The promo is open to all Visa cardholders, with ages 18 and above, who are currently residing in the Philippines. Visa cardholders who want to join the promo can simply “Like” the Cebu Pacific Facebook page ( to view the full mechanics of the promo. After liking the page, book a Cebu Pacific flight by clicking the “Book a flight now!” button. The participant will then be directed to the Cebu Pacific website, where he or she can book a flight using his or her Visa card, to qualify.
A single Visa transaction for flight tickets amounting to at least one peso (PHP1.00) is equivalent to one raffle entry. The promotion applies to tickets purchases only through the website. This promo runs from October 3 to November 17, 2012. The grand raffle draw will be held on November 28, 2012.

Want to be the JUAN to win 100 flights? Book your flight now using your VISA!

LOTTE XYLITOL: Dental Health Gum

LOTTE XYLITOL: Dental Health Gum

Say bye bye to weak teeth! 

Our Mom is our do-all, know-all true friend and as some people say, our “bestest best” friend in the world. Nothing she says or does will make us look or feel bad; most of the time, she is our comforter when we are depressed, our companion when we are alone, and our reliable problem-solver.

And she’s even more unfailing when it comes to her family’s health, especially her kids. She is
our round-the-clock reminder when it comes to telling us to take our medicines when we are
sick, to drink a glass of milk either before going to bed or during breakfast, or brushing our teeth before and after meals.

Speaking of brushing our teeth, this is something that most kids forget—well, don’t like—to follow no matter how much they love their Moms. However, lesson is learned later when their teeth begins to ache because of tooth decay.

When we eat, food particles get stuck in the teeth, especially in between brushing and flossing. These food particles contain sugars and acids that may destroy minerals in the teeth that, in turn, trigger a chemical reaction that causes the tooth enamel to tarnish and erode fast, thus making it weak and brittle.

But tooth decay can be avoided by eating a well-balanced diet, brush, flossing regularly, brushing the teeth with a fluoride-based toothpaste, and visiting the dentist at least twice a year.

And for added measure, Moms can give their kids’ teeth a little “exercise” to be fit enough for stronger, harder and bigger bites and bring back lost teeth minerals through “remineralization” by getting into the habit of chewing a dental health gum such as Lotte Xylitol Neo.

Highly recommended by dentists, Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum has xylitol, a natural sugar that helps stop the growth of cavity-causing bacteria to help reduce the risk of tooth decay. Plus, the “calcium phosphates” of Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum is the mineral mainly responsible in helping “remineralize” or rebuild your teeth.
With just 2 pellets 4-5 times a day of Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum, imagine the tremendous benefits to your kids’ teeth.
So who says kids can’t bite more than they can chew? From now on, your kids can say goodbye to weak teeth and say hello to good, strong bites by helping their teeth become stronger with a little help from Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum!

Sold and distributed in the Philippines by Lotte Confectionary (Pilipinas) Corp., Lotte Xylitol Neo Dental Health Gum, which comes in Fresh Mint, Blueberry Mint and Lime Mint, is available at  leading supermarkets, major drugstores and convenience stores.

CEBU PACIFIC: JUAN Hundred in 1, VISAng Daang Lipad Promo

CEBU PACIFIC: JUAN Hundred in 1, VISAng Daang Lipad Promo

Good News to everyone! Every time you book a flight at Cebu Pacific using your Visa Card, you get a chance to win 100 flights!

Aside from your VISA credit card, you could also use:

  • Visa debit card 
  • Visa ATM
Yes,  folks! As long as the VISA word is there then you can go ahead and book your flight using that VISA Card and win! Woooooooot!!!!!!!! This promo is so cool. I am so excited to try it and book my flights now. Good Luck!

The promo period will be from October 3 to November 17, 2012. So hurry! Book Now!


  • A single transaction for flight tickets amounting to at least one peso (PHP 1.00) is equivalent to one (1) raffle entry.
  • The contest is open to VISA cardholders, ages 18 and up, and residing in the Philippines. 
  • The promotion only applies to flight ticket purchases. 
  • The contest is open to VISA cardholders, ages 18 and up, and residing in the Philippines.  
  • The promotion only applies to flight ticket purchases. 
  • VISA cardholder should purchase their flight ticket directly from the Cebu Pacific website using their VISA card.


·Employees of Cebu Pacific, VISA and Wishcraft Creative Affairs Team, Inc. including their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promotion.


The participant can join and secure a raffle entry in two ways:

1. Through Facebook

STEP 1: Participant must log in to their personal Facebook account to view the Cebu Pacific page.

STEP 2: Participant must Like the Cebu Pacific page to view the mechanics of the promo.

STEP 3: After liking the page, the participant must click on the “Book a flight now!” button in the JUAN Hundred in 1, VISAng Daang Lipad tab to be directed to the Cebu Pacific website. Simplified and full mechanics are available for the interested promo joiners.

STEP 4: The participant will be directed to the Cebu Pacific website. The participant will have to purchase/book a flight using their VISA card.

STEP 5: After a successful transaction, the participant will receive their e-ticket, which they must save for verification purposes. A message will be sent to either the registered email address or the registered mobile number (depending on which the participant chooses) confirming their raffle entry.

2. Through the Cebu Pacific website
STEP 1: The participant must go to the Cebu Pacific website to book their flight.

STEP 2: After selecting the flight, participant must fill out the necessary information needed to purchase the ticket using their VISA card.

STEP 3: After a successful transaction, the participant will receive their e-ticket, which they mst save for verification purposes. A message will be sent to either the registered email address or the registered mobile number (depending on which the participant chooses) confirming their raffle entry.

Fine print
Block out dates for using the travel tickets:



Dec 13, 2012 – Jan 8, 2013

All routes



Jan 16 - 22


Jan 16 - 22


Jan 23 - 29


Mar 21 - Apr 3

All routes

May 9 - 15

All Routes

Aug 15 – 20


Aug 15 - 20

All routes

Aug 22 - 27

All routes

Sep 11 - 18


Oct 17 - 22

Bacolod City

Oct 24 - Nov 6

All routes

Dec 12 - Jan 7, 2014

All routes


Caticlan (Boracay) is not included in the promotion.

All routes” pertain to domestic and international flights.

Booking is based on seat availability.

  • Each travel ticket is a one-way ticket. 
  • Add-ons (baggage/seat selector/meal etc.) are not included in the promotion.  
  • Domestic flights: all government fees (domestic passenger service charge, terminal fee where applicable and aviation security fee) are not included in the promotion. 
  • International flights: all country specific mandated fees and taxes (example: PH Travel Tax, HKG Air Tax, etc.) are not included in the promotion.  
  • Limited to short haul network coverage. 
  • All government fees and taxes, terminal fees will not be shouldered by Wishcraft Creative Affairs Team, Inc. (the Advertising Agency) or Cebu Pacific (the Sponsor). These will apply to tickets issued.


· Deadline of ticket purchase is on November 17, 2012 at 11:59PM.


· Participants should purchase their flight tickets through the Cebu Pacific website.

· Participants can purchase as many flight tickets as they please using their VISA card. Participant’s raffle entries will depend on the number of VISA card transactions during the promotion period. Hence, one (1) VISA card transaction is equivalent to one (1) raffle entry.

· Participants whose names will be raffled off are the VISA cardholders, not the names of the travelers.

· Transactions made after November 17, 2012 will not be qualified for the raffle.


· The winner will get a total of one hundred (100) flights to any Cebu Pacific domestic and international destination amounting to one hundred sixty-one thousand, four hundred and thirty-three pesos (PHP 161,433.00), which is valid one (1) year from day of the winner redeems his prize.





97 domestic flights

1 winner

PHP 1,488.00

PHP 144,336.00

3 international flights

PHP 5,699.00

PHP 17,097.00



· The costs of flights are based on the most expensive domestic and international flights.

· Prize is non-transferable.

· Prize is convertible to cash.


· A participant can only win once as there will only be one (1) raffle draw with one (1) winner.


The participant will receive their e-ticket upon successful transaction. This e-ticket must be saved for verification purposes. 

The winners of the online promotion will be contacted by a representative from the Advertising Agency through email, mobile, landline and registered mail. The winners’ contact details will be taken from the registered information upon ticket purchase.


The 20% tax for prizes exceeding P10,000.00 will be shouldered by the winners.


Redemption period will be within sixty (60) days after receipt of notification letter through registered mail.



8006 Airline Operations Center Building 
Old Domestic Road Manila Domestic Airport Complex 
Pasay City


The winner must present two (2) valid IDs and the VISA card used for the ticket transaction at the Cebu Pacific office to claim their promo-branded tickets.

Upon claiming the prize, the winner will be made to choose whether the winner wants to make use of the one hundred (100) flights or cash in the equivalent prize amount.

Should the winner choose to claim his one hundred (100) flights, he will receive his one hundred (100) promo-branded tickets, which will eventually be exchanged with travel tickets during their booking.

Should the winner choose to cash in the equivalent prize amount, the winner will be able to claim a check one (1) month from the date the winner notifies Cebu Pacific of the choice made.

When the winner decides to book a flight using their promo-branded tickets, they should course their booking through the Marketing Department of Cebu Pacific at containing the following information:  

  • Passenger’s name 
  • Flight number/route
For domestic flights, bookings should be done one (1) week before the travel date and for international flights, bookings should be done two (2) weeks before the travel date. Cebu Pacific will reply within two (2) working days upon receipt of the email with booking reference and date when passenger can settle taxes and charges.

Once the ticket is issued, any changes that will incur penalty or changes will be on passenger’s account.

The e-ticket is non-transferable, non-rebookable and non-reroutable once booked.

Social Security System (SSS): Launched New Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Social Security System (SSS): Launched New Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Good news to all Filipinos working in Dubai. In a press release, the DFA said a simple ceremony led by SSS President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Emilio S. de Quiros Jr. at the Consulate General’s premises marked the opening of the SSS office on September 21. SSS currently has 15 offices in 11 countries.

Aside from newly-opened office in Dubai, SSS has six other offices in the Middle East. They are in:

  • Riyadh
  • Jeddah
  • Al Khobar
  • Kuwait
  • Doha
  • Abu Dhabi. 
SSS is also re-opening its office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
In her welcome remarks, Philippine Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Grace Relucio-Princesa noted that Filipinos in Dubai and the Northern Emirates may now avail of SSS programs and services.

The SSS has recently signed agreements with Denmark and Portugal that would allow Filipinos to receive their social security benefits once they are back in the Philippines.

The goal of SSS was to bring back the status of SSS funds to perpetuity which requires a contribution rate of 14% based on 2007 valuation. 

                                                                                                                                                                                  Source: VVP, GMA News

SAUDI ARABIA: Lifted Ban on Household Service Worker (HSW)

SAUDI ARABIA: Lifted Ban on Household Service Worker (HSW) 

Good news to HSW wanting to work in Saudi Arabia because beginning October 1, 2012, the Saudi Arabian government decided to lift the ban on the hiring of Filipino household service workers (HSW's).

If you can recall, the Saudi Arabian government stopped processing, verifying and authenticating applications from the Philippines domestic workers following disagreements in wages last July 2011.

Saudi Arabia government agreed to grant the following to our HSW:
  • The domestic workers to get a minimum monthly salary of $400 or a minimum salary of SR1,500 (around P17,000) that must be transferred to a worker’s bank account every month
  • A weekly day off
  • 30-day annual holiday
  • health insurance ( In case of  the employer will be the one to pay for the HSW's hospitalization bill.)
  • end of service benefits. 
  • employers must bear all fees related to visa, residence and arrival and departure. 
  • Contracts should also stipulate that maids can only work in a single household and may transfer their sponsorship at will. 
The responsibilities of recruitment agencies to the workers as well as the latter’s benefits are clearly stipulated in their employment contracts. 
The department of labor are hoping that there will be no contract violations such as:
  •  contract substitutions
  •  maltreatment 
  •  abuses in terms of salaries
  •  abuses on work hours 
  •  employers confiscating the passports of workers because the employment contract also states that passports should be in the possession of the workers.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

UNIQLO: Specially Designed-original Graphic T-shirts Now On Sale

UNIQLO: Specially Designed-original  Graphic T-shirts Now On Sale 

Specially Designed, UNIQLO-original Frankenweenie graphic T-shirts  featuring Disney’s wonderland New Film  "Frankenweenie” by Tim Burton, Director (Alice in Wonderland). A stop-motion animated film, “Frankenweenie” will be filmed in black and white and rendered in 3D, which will elevate the classic style to a whole new experience.

To commemorate the release of this film, UNIQLO Philippines released this October Frankenweenie graphic T-shirts in 15 different designs.

Product name
Number of designs
Price (Japan)

”Frankenweenie Graphic T-shirt” (short sleeve)
15 designs in men’s sizes
Php 790

UNIQLO Online Store (

UNIQLO-original, graphic T-shirts featuring Tim Burton’s original sketches


The Frankenweenie graphic T-shirts was specially made to commemorate the release of the motion picture “Frankenweenie,” and feature designs including Tim Burton’s original sketches. The UNIQLO-original T-shirts will be available in a total of 23 designs (only in men’s sizes), and will go on sale in December. The graphic T-shirts depicting the wonderful world of Frankenweenie are sure to delight Frankenweenie and Tim Burton fans across the world.

UNIQLO-original, graphic T-shirts In-store Promotion (UNIQLO Mall of Asia)

Good News to all Premiere Night Ticket holders because from September 30 to October 14, 2012  you get 200 Pesos OFF on all Frankenweenie UT. Woooottttttttttt!

All customers who purchased Frankenweenie UT (at regular price) from September 30 to October 14, 2012 will get a chance to win Frankenweenie movie tickets. 100 movie tickets to be given away. Winners will be announced on October 15, 2012.

A comment from Director Tim Burton 

“Using my original sketches and hand-picked frames from my new stop-motion animated film, Frankenweenie, UNIQLO has created an inspired collection.”–Tim Burton

©2012 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

When young Victor's pet dog Sparky  is hit by a car, Victor decides to bring him back to life the only way he knows how. But when the bolt-necked "monster" wreaks havoc and terror in the hearts of Victor's neighbors, he has to convince them that despite his appearance, Sparky's still the good loyal friend he's always been.

List of Class Suspensions as of October 2, 2012

List of Class Suspensions as of October 2, 2012


MALABON (Pre-school-High School/Public & Private) ayon sa Malabon PIO 

MARIKINA (Pang-umaga na Elem at HS) ayon kay Mayor Del de Guzman

PASAY (Public & private pre-school, elem & high school) #DZBB via @glenjuego


UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS (Classes in ALL LEVELS & OFFICE WORK are suspended today) via @varsitarianust

ST. PAUL UNIV QC (Morning classes, Grade School) via @SPUQC1946

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Source: Gma 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Gangnam Style 2012: Cebu inmates Dance

Cebu inmates dance Gangnam Style 2012

Due to insistent public demand, the world renowned dancing inmates of Cebu had their own version of Psy's Gangnam Style music video.

Despite the heavy rain last September 29, 2012
afternoon, thousands of inmates at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) entertained guests with their ecstatic adoption of the Guinness World Record holder for the "Most Liked in YouTube".

This is part of their rehabilitation program inside the jail. Not all of them are hardened criminals. I know that it is hard to rehearse and make them dance simultaneously. So congratulations to everyone in Cebu especially to the prison's director and staff.

To the kids out there, you can shine better in the outside world so please don't wish to be a part of them inside the penitentiary. Please don't have the wrong notion to do criminal acts just to be a part of the Cebu inmates.

Do good and stay good.

God bless everyone!

Source: You tube Ryan Christopher



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