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Friday, March 9, 2012

Californiaberry health-tea

The Milk Tea craze has hit the Manila beverage scene quite hard. Everyone is going gaga over this milk tea. How about trying something from the makers of the biggest froyo chain in the country? Now, that’s something new for sure.

Californiaberry milk tea makes tea drinking a health-tea and fun experience with its black boba balls bigger, tastier, and softer with the fun texture of gummy bear. Made from the finest tea leaves of Taiwan with the perfect blend of milk and right amount of sugar.
Both medium (P75) or large (P85) sizes offer a wide choice of flavors such as the following:
  • jasmine
  • taro
  • almond
  • yogurt
  • coffee
  • honey milk green
  • honey milk
  • iced coffee. 
And if milk tea is not your cup of tea, try the juices 
  •  green tea
  •  black tea
  •  passion fruit green tea
  •  or yogurt green tea.

Horum Slow Juicer

We love tradeshows! Tradeshows provide unparalleled opportunities to discover new products, companies, ideas and innovations.

Armed with my bayong a.k.a. bag and umbrella, I went to the recently concluded 5th edition of PIFBEX 2012 also known as Philippine International Food & Beverage Expo, which was held in PICC, CCP Complex in Manila, Philippines last March 1 to 4, 2012. 

One booth that catches my attention is the Hurom Slow Juicer.
Hurom Slow Juicer does not grind or blend using high-speed but rather Hurom Slow Juicer squeezes to retrieve juice using the world’s first patented technology LSTS that allows juice to maintain it’s natural flavor, original color, vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients.

Look at the difference between the two juices. Why such different results from the same tomato? High speed from a traditional juicer builds up friction that creates heat which, in turn, damages the fruit and causes the separation from the juice. Rather than using a blade or grinder like the traditional juicers, Hurom uses it’s auger-like screw to gently press and squeeze in retrieving juice from fruits and vegetables. This allows the juicer to maintain the all natural flavor, original color, vitamins, enzymes and nutrients of the fruits or vegetables.
Due to LSTS, Hurom is able to retrieve fresh juice without any heat damage or friction damage. This is fantastic!
The juice is definitely worth the squeeze with this juicer. You just need to learn how to work it right. The juice is very very high quality stuff!
From what I observed from the demonstration of Hurom Slowjuicer, it has Eight (8) Advantages. They are the following:
  1. Economical. Tipid sa kuryente 150 watts lang ang electric consumption.
  2. Easy to use.Yes, siree, no need mag pwersa para itulak ang fruits para ma juice. Shoot ka lang ng shoot ng sliced fruits. Even a 3-year old kid could operate this juicer. It's a fairly user-friendly juicer.
  3. Easy to clean. Yes. Hassle-free cleaning. Buhusan mo lang ng tubig sa pinag sho shootan ng fruits, ayos na!
  4. Low Speed for Maximum Nutrition and Taste.
  5. Very Nutritious Juice. 5x more Vitamin C.
  6. Low Noise Operation.
  7. Continuous Extraction System. Not only Hurom can make the perfect juice, it can also be used in making organic tofu, soup, porridge, ice cream, sorbet, cake, chips, cookie, and many more baked goods.
  8. Efficiency with style. Hurom is designed in such ways that it does not have any sharp edges which allows a safe usage for anybody.

Note: If you stick too much stuff in the juicer too fast and you don't add something to lube it out after, the juicer may get clogged. So, make sure to only gradually add fruits, so that the juicer won't clog.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

VSO-Bahaginan Second Volunteering Expo 2012

Be the change you always hope for. Start by actively participating in VSO-Bahaginan Second Volunteering Expo on March 13, 2012 at Hotel Intercontinental Manila in Makati City. Yes, everyone is invited! Please spread the word! Share this news to all of your friends. Now na!

Entitled "Active Communities, Sustainable Future".

The VSO-Bahaginan Second Volunteering Expo will serve as a platform for celebrating and inspiring volunteerism in government, non-government, corporate, and academic sectors.

For more details, please click the e-poster above.

To read the pre-event press release, please click here.

Cebu Pacific 90% OFF Seat Sale up to March 9, 2012

Cebu Pacific
Sale Period: March 8 to 9, 2012

  • Quoted fares are one-way and have limited availability.
  • Fare are exclusive of government fees and taxes.
  • International fares are exclusive of fuel surcharges.
  • Fares are non-refundable.
  • Flight changes must be made more than 24 hours before scheduled time of departure.
  • CAB approved terms and conditions of carriage apply.
Domestic Flights Go Lite Fare
ALL Domestic Destinations
90% OFF
Travel Period: August 1, 2012 to Mar. 31, 2013
International Flights Go Lite Fare
ALL International Destinations
90% OFF!
Travel Period: August 1, 2012 to Mar. 31, 2013

The Amazing Race Philippines

Hear ye, Hear Ye, Boys and Girls! Luzon, Vizayas and Mindanao! May I have your attention please!

The world’s most prestigious adventure race is now accepting applicants for its first Philippine edition! The twelve-time Emmy Award winner for “Outstanding Reality-Competition Program” arrives on local shores with an open call for contestants of The Amazing Race Philippines.

The show’s producers consider the Philippines as one of their favorite places to shoot, and now you can take part in this grand event too. 

There are three ways to audition: 
  1. online
  2. mail-in
  3. on-ground.
For online auditions: visit for the link where you can fill up the online registration form and upload your audition video in AVI, MOV or MPG4 format. The audition video’s running time should be a minimum of 1 minute and maximum of 3 minutes.

For mail-in auditions: download the application forms at and send the completed forms together with a DVD of your audition video to the TV5 office (21st floor Marajo Tower, 26th corner 4th sts. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig).

For on-ground auditions: watch out for announcements of audition dates on different venues. Both team members must be present and come prepared with the completed application package.

Note: Carefully review the Terms & Conditions and Application Procedure. Applications must be received by April 2, 2012 (Monday) 6:00 pm Manila time.


Angry Bird float at Baguio City's Panagbenga Festival. Millions of tourists visited Baguio City and celebrated the Panagbenga Festival 2012
The event makes locals and visitors feel and see the celebrations of a mountain city.
Today, the Panagbenga Festival has become bigger and better, making Baguio city a hub for culture and tourism during the month of February and March.
The Panagbenga Grand float parade is considered one of the highlights of Baguio City’s annual month-long flower festival.
Crowds gathered at Session Road in Baguio City.
 The Panagbenga Festival. started as a small community event, 16 years ago.
The floats tower over everyone. Giant versions of colorful flowers adorned floats.
Parade organizers required each float to use 90 percent fresh flowers.
 A floral Star Wars universe guarded by a small contingent of Stormtroopers.
 Each float presented their own theme.
One of the major purposes of the flower festival is to sustain the community spirit of Baguio regardless of tribes and to include the people of the region.

Today, the Panagbenga Festival has become bigger and better, making Baguio city a hub for culture and tourism during the month of February.
 You'll feel the energy of participating floats with their spectacular grand float parade.
 Beautiful flowers adorned floats.

 A giant red and yellow floral dragon led the parade.

 A candy-colored island come to life, with a pink dolphin jumping out of yellow and blue waves.

This float recreated the sights of Batangas, with a pint-sized, floral recreation of Taal Volcano.

The DOT float is so flamboyant!

Special Thanks to Collins Yap for the wonderful photos!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Summer Fun with Thermos Photo Caption Contest! 
Luzon, Vizayas and Mindanao! 

The original Thermos brand would like to invite all of you to join their Summer Fun with Thermos Photo Caption Contest.


Summer Fun with Thermos Promo

1. Participants must like the Official Thermos Philippines Facebook page ( and follow Thermos Philippines on Twitter ( 

2. Photo entries must have their corresponding captions (maximum of 140 characters) that adhere/is in line with the theme for the period. The picture can be in JPEG or PNG formats, with a maximum size of 4MB. 

3. Only color, brightness and contrast of the photo entry are allowed to be adjusted. 

4. Photo entries and caption should be uploaded by the participant in the Thermos Philippines Landing Page ( which is supported by Manila Exchange ( website with the following details: 

Complete name of participant
Complete address
Complete name of model/s (Prior written consent from the model is required for pre screening whereas the scanned letter of authorization should be attached to entry).
Photo Caption
Mobile number
Email address
Promo period and theme
Facebook ID
Twitter ID 


5. Photo entries and their corresponding caption will be screened. Illegal, immoral, visually disturbing, derogatory/hate, foul and sexually explicit photo entries will be automatically disqualified. 

6. Only photo entries and their corresponding caption published in the Thermos Philippines Landing Page ( which is supported by Manila Exchange ( website are considered for the promo. Links of considered photo entries will also be published on the official Thermos Facebook page and Twitter account. 

7. Participants are allowed to publish their photo entries in their personal social media account. 

8. There will be 12 winners for the whole promo which will be based on the address: 

a. 4 winners per period; two (2) winners from Metro Manila, one (1) winner from Luzon outside of Metro Manila, one (1) winner from Visayas and Mindanao 

b. There are three (3) periods for the whole contest. 


9. Prizes: 


10. Theme per period: 


11. A genuine Thermos brand item should be visible in the photo entry. Entries using generic/non-Thermos branded food and beverage containers will be disqualified. For more information about the genuine Thermos brand, participants can inquire at thermos[at]collins-international[dot]com[dot]ph, (02) 684 6160 or (02) 646 2867. 

12. Winners will be chosen based on: 

a. UNIQUENESS (40%). The exceptionality of the photo entry that corresponds to the theme. 

b. WITTINESS (40%). Caption and picture must be catchy, creative, witty and appropriate to the photo and theme. Caption must not exceed 140 characters. 

c. VISIBILITY OF THERMOS PRODUCT (10%). The Thermos product must be clearly visible and identifiable. 

d. POPULARITY (10%). The number of likes of the photo entry and caption in the Thermos Philippines Landing Page ( which is supported by Manila Exchange ( website 

13. Entries will be judged by two (3) representatives from Collins International Trading Corporation. 

Julie Lim
VP for Business Development
Collins International Trading Corporation

King del Rosario
Head, Business Unit 8 - Thermos
Collins International Trading Corporation

Joanna Marie Dela Cuesta
Brand Marketing Assistant 

Collins International Trading Corporation 

14. Winners will be announced three (3) days after the last day of the period. 

15. Winners will be announced in Thermos Philippines Landing Page ( which is supported by Manila Exchange ( website, official Thermos Facebook page and Twitter account. They will be notified via courier, SMS, and email. 

16. Winners should bring the actual letter sent via courier to claim their prize. Winners must also present one (1) valid ID. 

17. Winners should personally claim their prize at the following addresses: 

Metro Manila/Luzon 

Collins International Trading Corporation 

412 Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Manggahan, Pasig City 

Tel. No. 681-6161 / 681-6163 


Cebu City 

Advanced Electronics Service Corporation 

Castilex Compound Mandaue, North Central, Cabancalan St., Mandaue City 

Tel. No. 63 32 ( 344-8469 ) / 63 32 (345-2804) 

Fax: 63 32 (344-8404) 


Davao City 

Advanced Electronics Service Corporation 

2nd Floor, Room 202 Amesco Bldg, Ramon Magsaysay St., Davao City 

Tel. No. 63 82 (227-4974) Telefax 

18. Failure to submit the required documents forfeits the prize. 

19. Failure to claim the prize in person by August 30, 2012 forfeits the prize. 

20. All participants can only win once during Summer Fun with Thermos Online Contest. 

21. This contest is only applicable to the residents of the Republic of the Philippines. 

22. Employees of Collins International Trading Corporation, promoters for all Collins products and their relatives up to 2nd degree of consanguinity and affinity are automatically disqualified. 

23. All entries will become the property of Collins International Trading Corporation, and may be used for any online/printed promotional materials and press releases. By submitting the photo entry the participant is agreeable to this portion. 

24. This promo cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional activities. 


Click here for more info about the Official Facebook Promotions Guidelines



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