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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Here is another public service to you my dear readers.
Application is now open to all full-time graduating technology students of Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science and Information Communication Technology in which their school is a member of SWEEP.

See the following information below, which was taken from the SWEEP's Scholarship Mechanics for S.Y. 2011-2013, to know how to avail the scholarship.


To avail of the scholarship, the student must:
  • Be a Filipino citizen. 
  • Be a full time, graduating student taking up any of the following degree courses: Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or Information Technology, Industrial Engineering, Management Information Systems, Information & Communications Technology. 
  • Be in good physical and mental health. 
  • Not be a recipient of other scholarships. 
  • Have an excellent academic record and pass all the academic subjects in his/her enrolled curriculum with a minimum grade of “2.5” per subject or better, and with no grade of "5.00" or unremoved "4.00" or "inc." in the semester immediately preceding the application.  
  • Not only excel academically but also has leadership potential and community involvement thru active participation in program and club activities from the college, university and the community.  
  • Possess good moral character and must not have any record of disciplinary action for the duration of the program. 
  • Be financially needy (parents’ annual gross income must not exceed P300,000 or may vary depending on the financial bracketing s e t by the school). 
  • Carry a regular academic load prescribed for every year of the academic term of the course. 
  • Not shift to another course/major other than the original course/major at the time of application to and acceptance into the Program. 
  • Understand that as recipient of the scholarship, SMART reserves the right of first refusal for possible employment of the Scholar upon graduation.


Interested students must accomplish the SWEEP Scholarship Application Form (download from and must apply at their respective Scholarship Offices.


The school will pre-qualify three (3) students and endorse the same to SMART.

Mail Original Documents to: 
Michelle Bayhonan
Public Affairs Group
Smart Communications, Inc.
8/F Smart Tower One
6799 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

Upon receipt of the application forms, SMART’s selection committee will screen and choose two (2) scholar per school. Th e decision of the selection committee will be deemed final.


The School must:
  • Accomplish and submit to SMART the letter of intent. 
  • Sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the Scholarship Program with SMART  
  • Run the Scholarship Program in the school 
a. Cascade information regarding the Scholarship Program
b. Select three qualified students and endorse to Smart
c. Submit to SMART CV/Resume of the three (3) selected students


The University shall report to SMART, at the end of every semester, the academic and school standings of the scholar. This shall be the basis of checking if any of the following grounds for termination of eligibility as scholars exists:
  • A grade below 2.50 in each subject, even if the GWA of 2.50 is still attained. 
  • Gross violation of the University’s policies and regulations.  
  • Committing an offense against moral values.  
  • Committing a crime against a person and state.  
  • Transfer to a different course other than original course/major at the time of application to and acceptance into the Scholarship Program. If any of the aforementioned grounds exists, the scholar will automatically lose his/her scholarship entitlements unless deemed otherwise by SMART.


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