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Monday, August 4, 2014

UMBRA SHIFT: Hanger Chairs For Small Spaces

UMBRA SHIFT: Hanger Chairs For Small Spaces

After a long hiatus from the  blogging world, I am finally back (with a vengeance?) 

I was recently invited to the Toronto-based brand Umbra exhibit at Cav Wine Shop Cafe in BGC. 

Umbra launched its collection labelled as Umbra Shift in the Philippines. From among the 14 contemporary and handcrafted designs presented by Umbra Design Director Matt Carr, my favorite is the designer's smart, space-saving folding chairs that double as clothes hangers. 

Sigh, I could envision it on my tiny home! The Hanger Chair is the ultimate storage solution that I'd been looking for. The Phillippe Malouin's Hanger Chairs look very simple but it is perfect for condo dwellers like me especially now that I'll be having guests for my *th birthday real soon.#iwantumbrashifthangerchair. My clothes would look good when I hang it using umbra shift hanger chair. Pak na pak #bongga.

Other notable new collection of Umbra Shift are the following:  

Roll bottle opener from the Umbra Shift collection made of solid brass. 

Umbra Shift Cup Lamp that doubles as a pen holder and even has a built- in USB bulb. 

Umbra shift spoon clock 

A playful way to tell the time, the SPOON CLOCK by Albert Lee is part hand mirror part clock. #UmbraShift

Yes, dear! Umbra Shift used different materials, such as brass, wood, mirror and woven goods.

Did you know that the woven abaca rugs and the Coiled Low Stool from the ‪#‎umbrashift‬ collection are made in the Philippines! 
The Coiled Stool was inspired by the traditional basket-making techniques of the Philippines.

#‎umbrashift‬ collection are available at ‪#‎dimensione 

For more information visit

#Umbra #Umbrashift #furniture #accessories

VIRGIN ISLAND: Bohol Philippines Hidden Gem

VIRGIN ISLAND: Bohol Philippines Hidden Gem

Yehey! It's my second time around at the Virgin Island in Bohol and it never failed to give me a feeling of happiness, a sense of freedom and tranquility that my soul seeks.

Virgin Island in Bohol, Philippines is an island with lots of sea urchins and trees.  It is known to locals as "hidden oasis." There is no shade, electricity nor inhabitants there. All you could see are pristine waters and that long curving stretch of powder-like white sand and those coconut trees.

After the other guests left, I had the island all to myself and I love that!

 Commune with God and nature in Virgin Island. God is good all the time. I love being there!
We are on the lone tourist boat there.
Our Boatman and his side kick jumping away their stress! They were so happy!
Tranquil Virgin Island is like no other- That yellow boat that I captured in the picture offered sea urchins, also known as "swaki," which you could dip in vinegar or "suka". Those on the yellow boat also sell sea shells, pearl accessories, shell meat, starfish and buko juice.

I will never get tired of visiting Bohol's Virgin Island again and again.

Friday, August 1, 2014

PIOLO PASCUAL: Uncensored On E!

PIOLO PASCUAL: Uncensored On E!
I always admire Papa P or Piolo Pascual since I first saw his movie many years ago. Piolo, as you all know, is a household name in the Philippines. He's been in showbiz for almost 20 years now.  That's why when I received an invitation from E! I did not think twice. Yes agad ako
So what's new with Papa P? Piolo will be featured in the brand new 30-minute E! News Asia Special that will start on September 28, 2014, at 9 pm.  Finally, you and I will see Piolo in his most candid interview, talking about all the rumors and myths surrounding him. 
I think that is so cool! I am so excited to have a glimpse of his day to day personal schedule, his bonding time with his 17-year old son Inigo, Piolo's private habits and a lot more.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Marriott Café All American All Good Food

Marriott Café All American All Good Food
Commemorate American Independence not only for a day but for the whole month of July.
Yes, folks, the Philippine premier American hotel Marriott Café will serve an extensive American buffet from July 9 to 31, Sundays to Thursdays. With the goal to satisfy the most demanding appetite, Marriott Café will serve an extensive American buffet dishes which will include rib eye steaks ( rejoice meat lovers ), pies and cakes that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Available for only P1,950 all in.
Last July 8, we were pampered by Marriott Hotel Manila with  "All American, All Good Food" such as Angus beef, Jambalaya Rice, luscious rib eye steak, shrimp gumbo with homemade sausage, Key Lime Pie, Dixie Pies, flavorful mini burgers, crispy nachos, cornbread, delectable cupcakes, free flowing Beringer wines and Jack Daniel’s whiskey and Southern rock music. The event was hosted by G. Toengi and attended by Executive Chef Meik Brammer, Guest Chef John Havens of Certified Angus Beef (CAB), Food and Beverage Director of Marriott Hotel Brendan Mahoney, U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines, Philip Goldberg, and Marriott Hotel Manager Anna Vergara. 
The lovely Patricia Hizon and husband Vince Hizon were also present during the event. Sad to say, my dslr camera and LX7 camera were robbed the day after the event at the paid steel parking of Cash & Carry in Makati City. My God, the establishment doesn't even have a CCTV to deter those bad elements from breaking inside your parked cars.
Anyway, let's get back to what happened during the event at Marriot Hotel. I so love the Russian performers who graced the stage with their flawless dance number. 
And not only that, acrobats also entertained the crowd with heart pounding stunts. I actually captured it on my dslr but as you know it is now in the hands of those bad people.
"Out of the Box," a casual social event will also be held on July 11. Indulge yourselves with Robert Mondavi's crisp wines while being entertained by Chef John Havens’ live cooking demo of appetizers using U.S. Certified Angus Beef from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. 
On the next day, July 12, Chef John Havens will once again join the fun by sharing his love for American food by providing cooking class for only P2,000 from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
And on the July 17, you will get the chance to be one of the selected few whom Chef John Havens will serve dinner to by placing a reservation on a dinner wine set for only P3,250 net.
Celebrate 4th of July at Marriott Hotel Manila.  #AllAmericanAllGoodatMarriott

Thank you Dennison Uy for the invite and for lending me your photos.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WARNING: Never Park Your Car at Cash & Carry Makati

WARNING: Never Park Your Car at Cash & Carry Makati
If you want your valuables to be gone in sixty seconds then park your car at Cash & Carry in Makati.

Earlier today we parked our car at the steel parking area of Cash & Carry. Complacent that since it is a paid parking, there will be several cctv's and security guards that will guard and monitor our car while we eat lunch and purchase our groceries.

We are very wrong because the moment we stepped out of our car, my equipment a Canon 550 D with a 32 gb micro sd card, my lipsticks and make up and my samsung cp together with my gc's had gone into thin air just like that.

We learned from the guard on duty that he was the only one roving the parking area. Gross negligence was committed by the parking management by not providing cctv in the area. According to the management, they only have a cctv at the second level of the steel parking area. Kumikita sila ng milyones sa parking pero wala silang pang bili ng cctv???

I find that hard to believe. But then again, we experienced first hand how lax the security was in that part of Makati.

So VP Jejomar Binay ganyan po ba ang Makati? #MAKATI #GanitoKamiSaMakati #JejomarBinay #JunjunBinay #Police #Cash&Carry #Cash&CarryPugadNgSalisiGang

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

PHILTRANCO: Celebrating 100 Years Of Service To The Filipino People

PHILTRANCO: Celebrating 100 Years Of Service To The Filipino People

I was amazed by the fact that my favorite Philippine transport company Philtranco is celebrating its centennial year.

Believe it or not, at 100 years, it is the 3rd oldest bus company in the world! 

I was born in Bicol. And Philtranco is part of my growing up years simply because it is the transportation of choice of my family and of many other Bicolano families to and from Metro Manila.

Did you know that my family and I used to go to Manila either by:
  • airplane 
  • with our own car 
  • train
  • via Philtranco. 
My dad refuses to go to Manila via bus unless it is Philtranco. Are you wondering why? Well, it is simply because Philtranco is very reliable, fast and safe plus it has its own toilet. Years ago toilet stops on the way to Manila were dangerous because of hold-ups and sometimes passengers, after alighting to eat or to go to the restroom at stops during the trip, get dizzy and mistakenly hop on a different bus.

Congratulations to the 100 years of fast, safe and reliable transport of Filipino passenger, Philtranco! Continue the biyaheng masaya for another 100 years! Mabuhay!

#Philtranco #hundredyears #100years #legacy the #leading #transportation #proud #company #celebrations #happy #centennial year #passenger #HappyPassenger #Contented #Filipino #Bus #PhiltrancoBaby

Tuesday, June 10, 2014



Photo courtesy of Cannon Leongson Capiral
What better way is there to capture your memories of the beautiful perfect cone of Mayon Volcano than to have your pictures taken with the majestic Mayon as the backdrop.

Better still, you can explore the scenic places at the foot of Mount Mayon aboard the All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) that are available for rent from different ATV operators at Barangay Pawa in Legazpi City or at Cagsawa Ruins at Barangay Busay in Daraga, Albay. 
Photo courtesy of Cannon Leongson Capiral
Oh, these bunch of young at heart must be having the time of their lives while cruising through rough terrains on board the ATVs at the foot of Mount Mayon. You could almost feel their adrenaline rush as they skillfully maneuver the ATVs through narrow streams along the ATV trail.   

For you to have a clearer picture of the various ATV trails available, you can take a look at the map below. 
NOTE: We are not in any way connected with the ATV Operators
On the map, you'll see the starting point of the ATV trails in Barangay Pawa, Legazpi City. 

Here is how to go to Barangay Pawa:

You can take a tricycle or cab or jeepney. 

If you ride the Legazpi-Daraga jeepney, take Loop 1 or Loop 2 jeepney route, get off at Sagrada Familia Chapel at Barangay Bogtong and walk along the street leading to Barangay Pawa.

The other starting point of the ATV trails is in Cagsawa Ruins site at Barangay Busay in Daraga, Albay where you can hit two birds with one stone by visiting the Cagsawa Ruins and taking the ATV ride through various trails at the foot of Mayon Volcano.
 Cagsawa Ruins 
And to give you an idea of the various trails and prices of ATV tours being offered in both areas, here are the trails and prices:


As of May 2014
TRAILS150 CC Single350 CC Single350 CC DoubleCan-Am ATV
MAYON ATV CHALLENGE (3.5 kms.; 45 mins. trail ride; see purple line in map)PHP 599PHP 799PHP 1,200PHP 2,500
MAYON TO BASE CAMP (2 hours mix adventure; see light blue line in map)PHP 1,800PHP 2,500PHP 3,500PHP 4,500
MAYON ADVANCED TRAIL (3 hours to lava front; see green line in map)PHP 2,000PHP 3,000PHP 3,800PHP 5,000
(4 hours; halfway to Mayon; see red line in map)
N/APHP 6,500PHP 7,500PHP 9,000
(to Cagsawa ruins)
N/APHP 3,500PHP 4,500PHP 7,500
(basecamp, advanced, Cagsawa trail)
N/APHP 4,000PHP 4,500PHP 7,500
(to lava front)
PHP 3,500(up to 4 pax)



TRAILS150CC 350CC 500CC 
CAGSAWA SHORT TRAIL  (7 kms.; 45 mins. trail ride)PHP 699PHP 1,400PHP 1,800
GREEN LAVA WALL (1968 lava bed) TRAIL (45 Mins. trail ride)PHP 1,500PHP 3,000PHP 3,500
CAGSAWA-BLACK LAVA WALL (1978 Lava bed) TRAIL (6 kms.)PHP 1,850PHP 3,700PHP 4,200
NOTE:  This is not a paid post. We are not in any way connected with the ATV operators mentioned above.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

PARTIALLY DISABLED PERSON: Reintegration to Society

PARTIALLY DISABLED PERSON: Reintegration to Society

A pleasant day to you! Rejoice you and your family is in perfect health. Not everyone is as lucky as you are.

I wonder if there is a program under Pnoy's administration for partially disabled person's reintegration to society?

Not a lot of people could feel and understand partially disabled person's desire to once again feel how it is to be a productive member of the society.

Evil hearted people abound making it hard(er) to be a member of the group once again. That's why most of the partially disabled person hope and pray for a more forgiving and understanding heart of every member of the society. 

Maybe you could not help them with their medical expenses nor pay for their expensive maintenance medicines and check up. 

That means that the least that you could do is to be gentle with them. Don't rub it off to their faces that they are limited in their ways. Be kind. Do not be cold hearted. Try to be on their shoes. Would you be as strong? These people had been through a lot so please don't add up to their pain. If it is still difficult for you to understand them, just let go. Go on with your life, don't make any foolish acts against them. After all. they're still human. And as human being you ought to act as one.



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