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Monday, November 7, 2011

Miss World 2011 1st runner-up is our very own Miss Philippines Gwendolyn Ruais

Gwendolyn placed second to Miss Venezuela, Ivian Sarcos-Colmenares, in a glittering and gallant performance besting hundreds of candidates from Albania to Zimbabwe.
Our very own Miss Philippines Gwendolyn Ruais (left) became the highest placing Pinay candidate in this year's beauty pageant season with a runner-up finish in the 2011 Miss World competition held on Sunday, November 6 at Earls Court in London.(AP photo)
Over a billion viewers from around the world tuned in to see her crowned the winner with runner up prizes going to Miss Philippines and Miss Puerto Rico. Fans who were unable to follow the final on television were kept up-to-date on the internet via live streaming and Facebook updates and tweets. 
The 21 year-old  French-Filipino model, who hailed from Muntinlupa City, earned her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management only last year.
She stopped a successful modeling career to represent the Philippines to the Miss World.

A few thousand fans cheered, waved national flags and shouted for their favorites inside the Earls Court Two auditorium in west London.
 The beautiful candidates in their long gown!
 Winners all.

This was the 60th year of the beauty pageant and to celebrate its diamond anniversary, it returned to the city where it all began. The first was held in London in 1951 during the Festival of Britain on the South Bank of the River Thames.
A woman who spent five years studying in a nunnery and once dreamed of becoming a nun has been crowned the winner of Miss World 2011.
Miss Venezuela, Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares, beat contestants from 122 countries to the coveted title after impressing the judges in the categories of beach beauty, top model, talent, sports, and beauty with a purpose - where the contestants must demonstrate involvement in a charity project.
Ms. Sarcos Colmenares, 21, was orphaned at a young age and spent five years studying at a nunnery. She dreamed of becoming a nun but then took her life in a different direction, gaining a degree in human resources and working for a broadcasting company.
She was the favourite for the Miss World title going into the final at Earls Court, London, yesterday evening but reacted with delight and disbelief when she was announced as the winner of the famous beauty pageant. Now she said she wants to use her title to help other people. 
She said: "Winning means everything to me and I hope to take advantage of being a winner in a productive manner. I’m unbelievably happy to have won and there are some incredible girls. I first and foremost want to help people in need. I would like to help people like me. I am an orphan. I would also like to help the elderly and troubled teenagers. As many people as I can."
"Unfortunately I lost both my parents at a very young age which led me to study for five years in a nunnery. I spent my five years in there and my dream was to become a nun."
The final seven, chosen by the judges, were Miss England, Miss Korea, Miss Philippines, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Scotland, Miss South Africa and Miss Venezuela.
  Miss World 2012 will be held in Ordos in Inner Mongolia, China.

Congratulations Philippines ! Congratulation Miss Gwendolyn Ruais highest-placed Filipina in Miss World since 1973! Congratulation Ms. Sarcos-Colmenares Miss World 2011!
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Friday, November 4, 2011


How to reach Victoria Peak? Tourists can take the Peak Tram, a pleasant ride ascending the mountain. The tram has been in operation for over one hundred years, and to date, no accidents have ever occurred. Your journey aboard the tram will take eight minutes and upon reaching the summit you will see a seven storied building in the shape of a ship.

Hong Kong is a luminous pearl with a sea of lights twinkling in the streets after dark. Where is the best place to enjoy the multi-colorful night scene that encompasses Hong Kong and Victoria Harbor? Victoria Peak is a good location to view its night scene. Being 554 meters (about 1,817.6 feet) above sea level, Victoria Peak is the highest point within Hong Kong and occupies the western part of the island.
Viewing Hong Kong at night is a must! The panoramic vista is one of the most beautiful night scenes in the world! So a visit to the Lion Pavilion on the peak is a must. Standing upon the pavilion and overlooking the Victoria Harbor and the Kowloon Peninsula, a spectacular night view will unfold in front of your eyes. The Victoria Harbor is one of the world's busiest harbors and has a constant ebb and flow of shipping all year round. With row upon row of skyscrapers stand prominently on the Central District which is Hong Kong's financial and economic hub. 

Thanks Khae for the pix!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Join Pera Sa Kweba now!


Text PPUR ON to 2861.

The Philippines was blessed to hold pride of its rich and diverse natural resources that carved its scenic bays, fine 
white beaches, breathtaking mountain tops and enchanting forests.

Rallying this pride, the Philippines celebrate as the Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR) gives honor to and makes tourism alive in our country. 

With Pera sa Kweba, we can truly say that Philippines’ natural resources are riches we must treasure. Be rich with our natural resources!

Join Pera Sa Kweba now!

Text PPUR ON to 2861.
As a support to the Puerto Princesa Underground River, a text promo was launched last September 30, 2011 called “PERA SA KWEBA” where the telecommunications industry unites in a cause to promote PPUR, not only to our citizens but also to the global community. Simply text PPUR to 2861 for a chance to win! A whooping P32 M is at stake for the 105 winners of the promo.

Prizes are as follows: 


1 Grand Prize Winner

P 25 Million

5 Consolation Prize Winners

P 1 Million

3 Monthly Winners

P 250,000

6 Bi-Weekly Winners

P 100,000

90 Daily Winners

P 10,000

The promo mechanics as follows:

Eligible players:
(1) For a texter to qualify, he/she must:
a. Be a subscriber of Smart, Talk N Text, Globe, TM or Sun whether in postpaid or prepaid plans;
b. Be a registered user of Puerto Princesa Underground River (Pera sa Kweba) Text Promo Service.
c. Have sent his/her entry/vote within October 1, 2010 – December 28, 2011.

How to earn entries:
(1) For every unique trivia the subscriber receives when he votes from October 1, 2010 to November 10, 2011, in the Puerto Princesa Underground River (Pera sa Kweba) Text Promo service, he will be entitled to two (2) raffle entries or;
(2) For every unique PPUR trivia the subscriber downloads from November 11, 2011 to December 28, 2011, he will be entitled to one (1) raffle entry.
(3) To download trivia and vote, users have to enter the following information in the correct format and sequence:

PPUR or PPUR ON to 2861.

October 1, 2010 – November 11, 2011:
PPUR = 1 download with vote/2 raffle entries
PPUR ON = 1 download with vote/2 raffle entries per day

November 11, 2011 – December 28, 2011:
PPUR = 1 download with vote/1 raffle entry
PPUR ON = 1 download with vote/1 raffle entry per day

(4) The entry should be sent to 2861 for Globe, Sun, Smart and Talk N Text subscribers.

(5) Entries with the correct syntax will receive a confirmation of their entry.

(6) One text vote costs Php 2.50 per message.

How to register:

(1) Subscribers will have to register first to validate their entries. To register, users have to enter the following information in the correct format and sequence as shown below:



Example: PPUR REG Andy Cruz/18 Sct Freedom/23

(2) Registration is a one-time process per SIM card and is free of charge.

(3) All information sent will be kept confidential and will be used solely for the PPUR “Pera sa Kweba” electronic raffle.

Determination of Winning Text Entries:

(1) Winners must be a subscriber of Smart, Talk N Text, Globe, TM or Sun whether in Postpaid or Prepaid Plans.

(2) Postpaid subscribers that are charged/billed properly.

(3) Prepaid subscribers that are properly decremented.

(4) The 105 winners will be chosen from the qualified entries/votes received from October 1, 2010 to December 28, 2011.

Amidst a century of technological advancements, humans will always be in wonder of those masterpieces created by Mother Nature. Use that cellphone and support the masterpiece of Nature now na! And have the chance of a lifetime to win 25 million in COLD CASH!



The Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR) is an 8.2 km long navigable subterranean river that spreads directly into the sea, one of the most unique of its type.

The La Venta Geographical Association discovered remarkable findings inside PPUR which makes it truly a rich treasure the Philippines housed.

They were able to unearth unique and remarkable finds that shakes scientific discovery and human history.

It is a habitat for biodiversity conservation that includes flora and fauna, speleotherms, cave minerals, karst morphologies, and one of its greatest discovery is the 20-million-old Serenia fossil.

The Puerto Princesa Underground River was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on December 1999.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland
Adventure Land
The Gate of the Adventure Land begins here!

View from the top of the Tarzan Tree House

Me @Adventureland Signage

The Jungle River Cruise 

Here you will take an exotic boat ride to the jungle.

There are three lines for boarding, one for speakers of Mandarin, one for Cantonese, and one for English.

Cruise the classic river voyage of adventure. Brave mysterious jungles with surprises around every bend in the river including an epic battle of fire and water. Come face to face with beasts such as hippos, elephants, cobras and orangutans and the most feared animal in the jungle — your wisecracking skipper!

The boat navigates down a narrow passageway when all of a sudden, our route is blocked by an erupting geyser.

Just in the nick of time, we make a sudden turn to the right and are confronted with another geyser blocking our path and an evil-looking, monster-like rock formation. Smoke and steam start to spew from the crevices and then flames explode from the rock’s mouth.

 Just when you think all is lost, we escape in the nick of time!        


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