LUMINOUS GLUTATHIONE PATCH: A Pain Free Whitening Alternative

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LUMINOUS GLUTATHIONE PATCH: A Pain Free Whitening Alternative  

Physical attractiveness is a huge selling point for women all over the world. The first thing that struck me is how much women are willing and able to make sacrifices in order to look beautiful. Imagine what women goes through in order to be fairer and beautiful. 

I was invited to a luncheon event in far away Eastwood! I hate going there because of the heat of the noon time sun and its distance from my place.

The event is about Luminous Glutathione Patch.

"Beauty is Pain" or "No Pain No Gain" is said to be not applicable with Luminous Glutathione Patch! The owner Lewis Joseph explains that you'll be wow without the ouch in no time if you use their products.

In the Philippines, Regine their current endorser. She is not present during the event though.

Luminous Glutathione Patch is said to be a revolutionary and game-changing skin patch.

Allegedly you'll get five Benefits in a single patch!  Luminous Glutathione Patch allegedly has the followingl
  •  Anti-Aging
  •  Skin Whitener
  •  Detoxifier
  •  Anti Oxidant
  •  Immune Booster.

Allegedly you'll get FAIRER and LIGHTER skin in just TWO weeks of continuous usage!

I have not tried it yet, but they say that if you Buy LUMINOUS PATCH and use it, you'll experience dramatic results at only P500 per patch without the pain from glutathione injection.

You'll allegedly experience a new you within 14 days. Let's watch and see. I am willing to try this. After all experience is the best teacher. So let's wait if it is really effective. Hello, I am waiting for the samples. Ha ha ha!

Distributed by Bright Dynamics Enterprises, Las Pinas City

Online, Luminous trial pack containing 3 patches is priced at Php 1,500 with free shipping in Metro Manila. Available online:

Available at all GMA WATSONS stores and soon in different Mercury Drug outlets.
@luminou.spatch #luminouspatch #LuminousPatch

Disclaimer: We were NOT paid but were treated to a free lunch during the event. Plus, we were given a regular umbrella plus 3 pcs. of Luminous Glutathione Patch which they said we can try for 3 consecutive days. I had never used this product. All the info given above is part of the press release that can be found on the distributor's social media sites. I used the word "allegedly" and "said to be" to forewarn you that I had never tried this product.

LUMINOUS GLUTATHIONE PATCH: A Pain Free Whitening  Alternative    Physical attractiveness is a huge selling point for women all ov...