SkinWhite Launches The #BetterMe Campaign and Captivate Council Batch 2

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SkinWhite Launches The #BetterMe Campaign and Captivate Council Batch 2

SkinWhite, the country's leading skin whitening brand encourages young Pinays to further improve themselves both inside and out via the launch of the #BetterMe campaign which seeks to give the young generation of today more confidence and more inspiration to be better. 

"SkinWhite's #BetterMe campaign inspires me a lot," rave actress and SkinWhite brand ambassador Kim Chiu during the #better me campaign launch held at R Spaces, Makati City. "It makes us girls look at the brighter side of life and thus spreads the positive vibes!," she adds. 

SkinWhite's the #BetterMe movement continues to inspire more girls as it gets bigger each year since its initial launch in 2013. SkinWhite held a casting call as they searched for the loveliest and most inspiring girls to become part of its second batch of Captivate Council. There were about 500 aspiring teens from some of the prestigious college campuses in the country took part during the screening process. Only 25 were taken in. Qualifications involved each girl's accomplishment at school and their ability to inspire others as well as their go-getter attitude, charm and confidence. 

The 25 lucky members who got into the Skinwhite's Captivate Council will be having magazine features, multi-media exposures, and lots of fun events throughout the four-month campaign of the #BetterMe. "We also included outreach activities and fitness parties because we'd like a more holistic approach for the #BetterMe campaign. And we'd like to start those with the members of Captivate Council to lead as good examples," shares Liz Caceres, assistant brand manager of SkinWhite. "It's not just about looking good on the physical aspect, but one also has to do good to feel good inside as well." 

Kim Chiu shared her own story about her journey to stardom , "Before I've started with my showbiz career, I wasn't really confident with my own skin. Nobody even thought I could dance well, not even my parents because they were so busy,  they didn't had the time to watch me perform at school. So I've used Pinoy Big Brother as a venue for me to showcase what I can do. After winning the grand prize, I had never looked back. I wanted to show the whole world who Kim Chiu really is. And I was able to gain back my self confidence."

The good news with SkinWhite's #BetterMe campaign is that they try to reach the youth and spread such positivity through social media. Teeners nowadays had been engulfed in what we call #fomo or fear of missing out. By means of the #BetterMe campaign, it serves as a reminder for the youth of today that what really matters is that they develop their inner confidence so that they can be kinder to themselves and to others as well. "What's amazing is that by becoming members of Captivate Council, they've widen their circle of friends and has empowered themselves.

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Thank you SkinWhite for the cool SkinWhite products. Special thanks also to LoveNLight Productions' Ms. Marcie Linao. 

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SkinWhite Launches The #BetterMe Campaign and Captivate Council Batch 2 SkinWhite, the country's leading skin whitening brand encour...