PRIVA Feminine Wash

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PRIVA Feminine Wash
Priva Feminine Wash is a new product from Unilab, one of the most trusted manufacturers of health products in the Philippines.

As women, we often talk about beauty. But more often than not, you and I tend to put more weight on outside appearance than the importance of feminine hygiene.

If you are in denial, then let me ask you this question: Do you really know the importance of your overall well-being? 

I know, just like my friends and more often times than not, you always end up buying cosmetic products for your skin and expensive shampoo and conditioner for your hair, but have you realized that being meticulous about your outer appearance does not really make you healthy if you don't know the importance of proper feminine hygiene?

Many mothers teach their daughters early on to wash their genital (vaginal area) at least twice a day with soap and water. Many obedient daughters follow their mother’s advise. Unfortunately, regular use of soap (which is alkali-based) in private parts disturbs the vaginal acid-alkaline balance.

Vaginal acid medium not only kills the bacteria’s fungi and virus but also blocks the way of harmful bacteria and  viruses.  It permits only sperms inside the uterus. If, for some reasons, vaginal environment becomes alkaline then the number of lactic acid bacillus diminishes and microbes fill up the space. This state is called “dysbacteriosis.” Main symptom of dysbacteriosis is fish-like odor or abundant discharge from vagina. In this condition doctor’s consultation is a must. Dysbacteriosis leads to infection, inflammation, itching, redness in private parts and chances of sexually transmitted disease and in some cases this can lead to ” Cervical Cancer.” Abnormal vaginal acid-alkali balance is an enemy of female sexual health. 

The frequent cause of abnormal vaginal acid alkali balance is excessive usage of different forms of soaps, which gets into vagina. This can be avoided if you use Priva Feminine Wash on your intimate private parts.

While it's best to consult a gynecologist as to the maintenance of pH balance, taking preventative measures in one's day-to-day life considerably reduces the incidence and severity of consequences. Good vulvar (labia, clitoris and vagina) care, for instance, appreciably reduces the risk of infection. This involves preventing the spread of bacteria from the anal area to the vulva, keeping the area around it dry and exposed to air, and avoiding irritating soaps and fabric softeners.

I am glad that Unilab came up with a Ph balance feminine wash that does not only protects feminine hygiene but also makes your skin down under fairer which distinguishes it from all the other femine hygiene brands in the market.  I love the menthol cool feeling each time I use Priva feminine wash.

Priva is available at all leading drugstores and supermarket nationwide.

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PRIVA Feminine Wash Priva  Feminine Wash   is a new product from Unilab, one of the most trusted manufacturers of health products in the...