Pinays Top Five Whitening Products Must Have

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Pinays Top Five Whitening Products Must Have

Listed below are what I perceived as Pinays top whitening products must have. This is my personal opinion, what is good for me does not necessarily mean that is good for you.

Ay, aminin mo kabagang huwag mag deny! Di ba? Every Pinay and Pinoy you know wanted to have a fair skin, right? Pati si Aling Bebang na nakatira sa may kanto ay nagpapantasya din pumuti balang araw.  Kaya don't wonder anymore that a lot of whitening products are being used by many Filipino for their skin care routine, be it a woman or man.

On that note, I want to share a list of what I think is the top 5 whitening products every Pinay/Pinoy must have and some product recommendations as well.


Picking the most effective whitening soap can be tricky since there's so many different brands of whitening soap products in the market.  Sige aaminin ko na since a lot of my favorite stars are BELO beauties,  I decided to buy one (1) pc of Belo Intensive Whitening Bar Soap with Kojic Acid+ Tranexamic Acid, which cost me Php59.75 at Watsons the other day.  I just started using it yesterday so please wait for at least a month for my review so you could see the difference from my before and after picture.  I hope it is really effective.  


A sunblock is a must-have. Sorry sa mga nag mamarunong dyan, kinakailangan talaga ng lahat ang protekyon ito.  Hindi po ito for the sake of vanity lang. Kung ayaw mong mamula ang face mo na parang pakwan. Please make sure that your skin is protected from the heat of the sun rays that causes the skin to go dark everyday kahit nasa loob ka ng air-con mong kotse o bahay/ opisina.  In English, whether you’re inside the house or outdoors, you must always wear a sunblock. Remember that your sunblock should have at least SPF35.
Face Cream, Toner, and Cleanser

When using a whitening product, you should not just focus on the body area dear.  You must also include your face. You don’t want to end up with a fair complexion on your body area but with a darker face complexion or vice versa, right? Use a face cream, cleanser, and toner with whitening properties to even out your skin from head to toe.  


Of course, every Jane and John I know had already tried and tested numerous whitening lotions in the market.  As in, pinakyaw na nila ang lahat ng lotion mula sa munting tindahan ni Aling Helen.  

Priva Intimate Wash
The last but not the least on my whitening must have list is Priva Intimate Feminine Wash. Maloloka ang mga asawa ninyo Chong kasi I’m sure hindi ninyo ini expect ang isang feminine wash ay makakapagpapaputi pala. Right?
Priva Intimate Wash by pH-care can lighten the sensitive and intimate parts of every female’s body. Priva is formulated with Glutathione that helps to lighten the dark skin on our intimate areas. It also has a very feminine scent that stays all day and gives a cooling sensation during and after every usage. 

So if you want to have a fair skin down under, to even out your whole body complexion then use Priva Feminine Wash it only cost Php119 at Watsons. 

Priva is a quality product of Unilab and it is available in all leading drugstores and department stores nationwide.

Pinays Top Five Whitening Products Must Have Listed below are what I perceived as Pinays top whitening products must have. This is my ...