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X Means Love. I recently attended a cervical cancer disease awareness advocacy campaign held at Relish Restaurant in Morato, Quezon City.
Breathe new meaning to X. 

X MEANS LOVE. In an effort to raise awareness on cervical cancer among women. GlaxoSmithKLine (GSK), presented their new ad campaign entitled: “X Means Love.” with their ambassadors Marie Lozano, Ginger Coronejo, Jenine Desiderio and Abby Arenas-de Leon.
This advocacy called “X Means Love” aims to cross out cervical cancer as a health threat by reaching out to local women and their families to take preventive measures against the disease according to Francis del Val (GSK's President and General Manager).
Abbygale Arenas-de Leon, a mom and former Supermodel and beauty queen, formed an advocacy group called Bravehearts Coalition of the Philippines, a nonprofit organization which continuously pursues a cervical cancer-free Philippines by for the past five years. They are often on the road trip sponsoring cervical cancer awareness lectures, and offering vaccinations to Filipinas all over the country.
Janine Desiderio lost her cancer stricken mom when she was just 6 years old. She related how disheartening is it to lose someone in your family to the silent killer cancer. With information dissemination strategy that cervical cancer is a preventable disease, women can be proactive in its prevention and in saving the lives of women in their families on top of their own.
Marie Lozano, one of the ambassadors of the “X Means Love,” talk about her advocacy campaign that aims to empower women through increasing awareness and driving urgency to fight cervical cancer. As a mother,Marie Lozano strongly encourages women to proactively take action to protect themselves from cervical cancer through screening and vaccination.
“X means Beautiful, X means Assessing your Health, and X means Thing of the Past,” said Ginger Conejero.
Cervical cancer is a disease caused by certain types of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), and is considered as the second-most common cancer among women in the Philippines. It is estimated that every year, 4,544 Pinays are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 1,856 die of the disease.

The testimonials of the GSK ambassadors aims to encourage Filipinas of today to take charge of their lives in fighting the second killer among women. 

You and I can make a change by simply advocating cervical awareness and women empowerment, the number of cervical cancer incidences is expected to go down drastically by 94% as cervical cancer can be prevented through medical consultation, screening and vaccination. 

Getting the female population vaccinated as early as the age of 9 will makes Filipinas safe from the reported worldwide annual mortality of 270,000 (cited in Bosch FX and Sanjose S., J national Cancer Institute Monogr 2003: 31: 3-31).

CERVICAL CANCER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN: X Means Love X Means Love. I recently attended a cervical cancer disease awareness advocacy campaign ...