SM CITY MANILA: Everything For The Jeans Lover

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SM CITY MANILA: Everything For The Jeans Lover
Last Sunday, I was one of the bloggers who were invited to join the #Everything4DJeansLover Event at SM City Manila. My brother and I came all the way from Eastwood where we had a Sunday buffet lunch at a hotel there. Sayang, we had to cut short our food adventure because we rushed to SM City Manila 'coz we thought the event will start at 1:30 p.m. As it turned out, the show started only at a little past 3 p.m. But it is okay because we got to witness Shai Lagarde's DIY fashion tips!
Thank God, fashion blogger, love chic, writer, producer, stylist, blogger, youth speaker, girl empowerer Shai Lagarde did not disappoint us with her designing tips. 
She showcased her DIY custom denim shorts, jackets and jeans. We learned a lot and in the process had fun.
Shai Ilarde instructed an audience volunteer how to do diy denim#4 using a glue and lola clothes.
Happy with the result!
Shai Lagarde tried on the finished product.
 Three(3) audience were asked by Shai Ilarde to design the jacket using color dyes.
Voila! The finished product designed by the students from TUP. Most of the audience from TUP participated enthusiastically during the program 
Shai Lagarde posed with the volunteers and their diy denim design.
#SMManilaJeansAmbassador Shai Lagarde during the question and answer portion.
Everybody knows that Pinoys are jeans lover! Yes folks, the popular worker's denim trousers have evolve to modern day fashion and status symbol.
At SM City Manila, jeans comes in various style and color.

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iAcademy students decorated the stage with samples of their creative jeans.

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For updates on events, sales, and new store you can follow them on Twitter @smcity_manila and on Instagram — at SM City, Manila.

Next event will be with Kim Chiu and Xian Lim for 
Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo on July 27th, at 5pm, SM City Manila Event Center. You shouldn’t miss this event!

SM CITY MANILA: Everything For The Jeans Lover Last Sunday, I was one of the bloggers who were invited to join the #Everything4DJeans...