Butterfly Twists: Restyling the Perfect Fit

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Butterfly Twists: Restyling the Perfect Fit

Earlier today at a press conference, a fellow blogger boast about her latest conquest! Yeah, you guess it right! She showed us a pair of foldable shoes which she recently got from an event! It looks nice so I hope to get my own pair of foldable shoes soon! It is a good thing that women in the Philippines has the right to choose and yes, they actually has a lot of choices!

Women these days are faced with many choices: what to wear, where to eat, who to date, and most importantly what shoes to wear. A woman’s shoe can make or break an outfit, which is why women everywhere are in dire need of finding the perfect fit.

While most women have often dubbed their favourite pair of high heels as the “perfect fit”, a new generation of women have found a better alternative: Butterfly Twists.

Butterfly Twists first invaded the Philippine Social Scene in 2009. Fresh from the United Kingdom, Butterfly Twists offered a wide array of “just-in-case” foldable footwear that provided comfort after long gruelling hours in high heels.

However, in 2013, Butterfly Twists moved from being just an alternative shoe to being the perfect fit for women on the go by introducing a new and improved line that is not only stylish but also durable. Now better made with thicker soles that are ready for action, Butterfly Twists are not just nice to look at but also tough enough to complement a woman’s busy lifestyle.
Butterfly Twists Philippines’ sole distributor, Lina Claudio believes Butterfly Twists is the perfect everyday partner for today’s modern Filipina. Each pair provides a mix of fashion, comfort, and convenience. Now, Filipina women no longer have to forego comfort for fashion because the new and improved Butterfly Twists gives them the just the right mix of both.
So what else are you waiting for? Find your perfect fit today.

About Butterfly Twists

Butterfly Twists is the perfect mix of style, class and comfort. Offering a wide array of comfortable boots and ballet pumps, Butterfly Twists offers women everywhere stylish footwear finds they can use every day. All of our boots designs and ballet pumps are made of durable material presented in innovative styles and colors that can spice up any outfit may it be your work essentials or party ensemble. To get your own perfect fit, visit Butterfly Twists in any of the following locations: Rustans Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Rustans Makati, Rustans Gateway, and Rustans Alabang Town Center. Also available in Lucky China Mall, New Glorietta 2, and at the new SM Aura Premiere.

For more information like Butterfly Twists Philippines on Facebook and follow @BTwistsPH on Twitter.

Butterfly Twists: Restyling the Perfect Fit Earlier today at a press conference, a fellow blogger boast about her latest conquest! Yea...